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Open Game Day Thread: Titans vs. Texans - 2nd Quarter

I was going to do a quote or something funny, but I'll post the stats of your Houston Texans defense from the 1st quarter.Seven plays, 11 total yards, 0-2 on third downs, one Mario Williams sack,...


Open Game Day Thread: Titans v. Texans

Follow the Texans taking on the Titans live in the open game thread at Battle Red Blog.

Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Texans Injuries/Inactives

Texans Injuries/Inactives thread.

Three And Out: Useless Predictions For Sunday's Game

Predictions, albeit poor ones, for tomorrow's game between the Titans and Texans.

Tape Study: Texans 27, Jets 30 -- Halfway There

Our latest notes from the film show Frank Bush bringing the heat, debates the shotgun/i-form dichotomy problems the offense has, and looks at Brice McCain and his inability to change directions.

Texans Vs. Titans - Seven Thoughts For Sunday

Texans Won't Quit > T-N-T Rivalry > Imploding Titans > Sunday's Ground Spotlight > The Record-Setting Andre Johnson > The Houston Defense Vs. Rusty Smith > The Texans Are Big Favorites Click the link to see how that ties together as SBN Houston takes a look at some of the stories leading to Sunday's Week 12 match-up between your Houston Texans and the Tennessee Titans.

AMR: Diles Healthy But Sharpton Starting

I know a lot of people were saying that Zac Diles would regain his starting job, but Anna-Megan Raley says that won't happen. Darryl Sharpton is starting at weakside linebacker on Sunday. The Good Reverend is somewhere giving thanks.

Captain Of The Tailgate - The Best Dream Tailgate

What's your dream tailgate?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's to you and yours having a great Turkey Day. Remember to count your blessings, amongst which I imagine Andre Johnson, Mario Williams, Arian Foster, DeMeco Ryans, Matt Schaub, and drinking to...

Tape Study: Texans 24, Jaguars 31 -- Defensive Indifference

A look at the game from two weeks ago, because we were too busy sobbing about how the world Hail Mary'd us to do it until now.

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