BRB Fantasy Football: Last Call


Most leagues have drafted, but there's still time to get into or create new leagues for those who haven't ventured over into the pastures of Yahoo! Fantasy.

Battle Red Blog Fantasy Football Round-Up


Another call to arms for the ultimate fantasy: playing make-believe football with your BRB brothers and sisters.

BRB & Yahoo! Sports Make Your Fantasies Come True


It's about that time, BRBers. Get your fantasy on.

Texans Preseason: Thoughts From The Metrodome


Thoughts and observations from last night's game from the perspective of a fan in the 'Dome.

Houston Texans Announce 2013 Home Game Themes


Yes, there is a Homecoming game.

Battle Red Blog on Sports Radio 610 Tonight!


I consider this day incomplete unless I fall asleep on air McClain style. Brett Kollmann starts a weekly interview with Sports Radio 610 in Houston tonight at 10:15 p.m. CDT.

Happy Mother's Day


She put up with you, which means she's worthy of every ounce of celebration you can muster.

2013 NFL Draft: First Round Open Thread - Pt. 2

Day Two of the NFL Draft rolls on. Join us, won't you?

2013 NFL Draft: First Round Open Thread - Pt. 2

We've still got plenty of NFL Draft to go. Won't you kindly join us?

Houston Texans 2013 Schedule Reaction


What should we make of the 2013 schedule for your Houston Texans?


Houston Texans 2013 Schedule Announced


We knew who they'd play back in January, but now you know when your Houston Texans will take the field in 2013.

2013 NFL Free Agency: The Calm Before The Storm


The Free Agent Frenzy actually starts today. Share your last-minute hopes, dreams, fears, predictions, and observations here.

2013 NFL Free Agency: Negotiations Begin


Welcome to the NFL's version of Midnight Madness.

Veterans Day Observed


Thanks to all who have served.

Rock the Vote for Owen Daniels


Vote for Owen Daniels so his charity receives $4000, and enter yourself in a drawing to have lunch with him.

BRBAPALOOZA: Tomorrow Night!


The BRB Watch Party for Texans-Colts tomorrow night is almost here. Here are the details, as well as a seating plan.

BRBAPALOOZA: A Mere Week Away!


More details about the BRB Watch Party for Texans-Colts next week.

BRBAPALOOZA: Only Two Weeks Away!


We're only two weeks away from the next edition of BRBAPALOOZA. This time, it's a Texans-Colts watch party.



A reminder about the upcoming Texans watch party that'll be held on December 22nd in Houston for the Thursday night game against the Colts.

To All Those Who Have Served Or Are Serving, Thank You


A quick thank you to all those who have served on Veterans Day.

BRBAPALOOZA: The Game Is Afoot


We now know which Texans game will be the subject of this regular season's BRB Watch Party. Plus, some thoughts on where we'll have the party.

BRBAPALOOZA: Which Game Should We Make A BRB Watch Party?


We're gonna have a Texans watch party. Which game should we use?

Sunday Night Football Open Thread

Here's a new thread for y'all to muss up.

September 11, 2011: Remember, Honor, Live


September 11, 2011: Remember, Honor, Live.


NFL Opening Night: Saints v. Packers Open Thread

Not a Saints fan? Not a Packers fan? Who cares? Follow the glorious return of meaningful NFL football live on Battle Red Blog.


Open Game Day Thread: Texans v. Vikings

Follow the preseason finale between the Texans and Vikings live on Battle Red Blog.

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