The 2014 Texans Cheer Squad Is Set


Found this thanks to KPRC's Twitter. The competition was fierce, so congrats to the ladies.

Defending Bridgewater: "Turn on the tape"

"What’s being said in the media is not necessarily being said in draft rooms by people who are being paid to be in the know and who need to do their due diligence and homework," says Texas assistant Shawn Watson, who served as Bridgewater’s quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator at Louisville. "I just know in the end, he has all the traits for a can’t-miss player.
"I’ve seen his accuracy. I’ve seen his competitiveness, his decision making. I’ve seen how he’s been such a great student, learning how to enhance his game, to use his eyes as a weapon, develop his feet, develop his pocket awareness, learn to be a full-field read guy, take us to the line of scrimmage and put us in the right play or spin our protection to pick up the blitz."

Defending Bridgewater: "Turn on the tape"

Wrong Andre Johnson, whew...

Andre Johnson severs "himself" and jumps off building.


Rosters Released For J.J. Watt Charity Classic Softball Game


Thanks to kdentify for posting this in the comments.

It kicks off Friday, May 2 at Constellation Field in Sugar Land.

Find out more info about the event here.

Good Call, Bro

Click here for the full picture.

I found this comment while thumbing through the BRB archives the other day. Mr. b0wse pretty much nailed what the 2013 season and 2014 offseason had in store for us.

This team did indeed "need a reboot."

Sweet Houston Texans Rocks Glasses


The lady got me these as a gift, and I thought I'd share. I'm thinking there's a strong bourbon-drinker/Texans fan demographic here on Battle Red Blog.

Check them out on Amazon.

Does Size Really Matter? article 2

A slightly different take on the size question and where do scouts place hand size when they evaluate a QB.

Does Size Matter? For QBs that is . . .

Article from 2009 but it explains some reasons why size does matter for QBs, As a football novice, I wish he'd been more explicit as to which QBs were tall vs med vs short. But it's still an interesting article that covers the 3 heights over the course of at least 16 games in three years. Maybe someone here on BRB can do one that is more current or more explicit. =D

(Video) How Would Clowney Fit in Texans’ Scheme?

"The NFL Network’s Willie McGinest explained how South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney would fit into new defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel’s defensive scheme. McGinest who played for Crennel in New England shows how Clowney would fit into the "Elephant" role in the defense, the same role McGinest played."


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