Video: J.J. Watt Dominating A Half Ton Tire

From J.J. Watt's Instagram.

J.J. Watt has the mental and physical strength to lift and shove a 1000 pound rubber tire while Sara Bareilles shrieks in the background. Well done, Watt.

Logan Thomas, All-Purpose Athlete

Equal if not more of a physical specimen than Clowney with an offensive pedigree. Incredibly impressive. Maybe not a QB, but why not a WR/TE?

2014 NFL Draft: Steve Mariucci Tests Blake Bortles' Knowledge

Blake Bortles impresses with a white board and talks about why he wants to play in the NFL.

Josina Anderson interviews J Clowney

I liked her direct questions even if your natural inclination was to think that it might be rude to ask him such questions.

Is It Over Yet?

Click here for the full GIF. Found this gem in the comments section of the open thread, and I just had to share it.
The look on Bill O'Brien's face reminds me of Homer Simpson yelling out "Boring!" (video)

2014 NFL Draft: Mike Mayock Candidly Talks Mack, Manziel, Murray, Mettenberger, And More

Mike Mayock continues his media gauntlet during combine week by talking to Paul Allen, the Vikings resident play by play announcer for KFAN AM 1130, for a full ten minute interview.

2014 NFL Draft: "Pressure Points" Ep. 2

Gillette continues chronicling the draft journey for Jadeveon Clowney, Aaron Murray, and Eric Ebron.

Russel Wilson's QB guru talks about Teddy Bridgewater (who just happens to be student of said guru)

"Teddy has all the intangibles to be special," Weinke said. "He's similar to Russell Wilson in terms of elusiveness, sensing danger with pocket feel. His accuracy is as good as I've ever seen."

Andre Johnson's Career Yardage - A Pie Chart Perspective


This week in unnecessary pie charts, we take a look at Andre Johnson's career receiving numbers compared to those of the next nine WRs that have played for the Houston Texans.

Like a Thanksgiving plate dominated by an oversized turkey leg, the chart above is hilariously unbalanced. We're all painfully familiar with the precipitous drop in quality after Andre, but it's staggering to see him account for as many yards by himself as almost everyone else on the list.

Hopefully we'll see DeAndre Hopkins distinguish himself from the pack of near-anonymous receivers accompanying him here. Click here for the full picture.


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