Five best teams for Andre Johnson


For me, this had a surprise ending. Y'all might enjoy it.

AMEN They're fixing the broken Zebras!


They got rid of 11 zebras (Good lord! let's hope they were the shitty ones! ) amongst other silent changes to officiating after 2013 season.

Video of UDFA LT #76 Bryan Witzmann


The music is cheesy, so mute it. Witzmann's team in blue jerseys.

Would You Buy?


I stumbled across this on a message board forum.

No disrespect meant to any Raiders fans who read this, but seeing Matt Schaub as the face of a marketing campaign in 2014 makes me chuckle. I suppose that you can only build with the blocks that came in the box.

Best of luck to Schaub (I'll be legitimately rooting for him) and the marketing interns who came up with this.

Theory: Players Are Under Immediate Scrutiny


Adding Nathan Slaughter as a UDFA, then releasing him a few days later, coupled with what Ganguli said about players like Labhart being at Reliant from 7 .am. to 7 or 8 p.m., makes me think O'Brien is throwing everything at them all at once...then cutting the ones who can't hack it. Whether that's timeliness to meetings, aptitude on tests, and production on the practice field, it seems O'Brien is putting those players through rigorous "testing" and only the fittest players remain when the dust settles. The Boot Camp rookie OTA is to tear them down and build them up as new players who have no past; only a present condition that shows ability to remain or enough deficiencies to be released. Here's the quote from the article that I base my speculative theory upon: "With no restrictions on how long he could spend with them, Texans coach Bill O'Brien had them from about 7:30 a.m. to 7 or 8 p.m. during rookie minicamp. They were tested on the field and in the classroom. Their jobs were to learn as much as possible and say as little as possible. They've maintained the refrain that their pasts don't matter anymore."


Excellent Mike & Mike radio interview of O'Brien


Bill O'Brien is refreshingly candid in this radio interview. Hear his thoughts on draft strategy and Tom Savage.

Futures: Tom Savage


Matt Waldman breaks down the Houston Texans' newest quarterback, Tom Savage.

Watch a Pittsburgh Panthers Practice Through the Eyes of Tom Savage


Former Pitt quarterback (and new Houston Texans QB) Tom Savage was strapped with a goPro helmet camera during spring practices last year. See what it looks like to run for your life from Aaron Donald in first person.

Jadeveon Clowney To Wear #90 For Texans


Just two hours after learning that Jadeveon Clowney is the newest Houston Texan, we now know what number will number will be on the back of his jersey.

Ryan Mallett to the Texans may soon be done


A source tells me Ryan Mallett to the Texans may soon be done.

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