Randy Bullock Is Still The Texans' Kicker


"We're going to continue to go with Randy. He certainly knows and we told him, and everybody else knows. He’s got to get it done."

-Wade Phillips

Farrar: Houston's Offense Is Awfully Predictable


Many fans are blaming quarterback Matt Schaub for the majority of the team’s issues, and it’s true Schaub has been inconsistent at best. But when you talk to opposing defensive coordinators and players, it’s pretty clear they have Houston’s offensive code — and they’re cracking Gary Kubiak’s team wide open with it.

From Doug Farrar's article on

Worth a read, if only for discussion. What say you, readers?

Mercilus Fined $15,000 For Flacco Hit


Texans outside linebacker Whitney Mercilus was fined $15,000 for a third-quarter hit on Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, Mercilus said today.

Mercilus was penalized for unnecessary roughness on the hit on which his helmet struck Flacco in the chin, which resulted in a first down even prior to the penalty. The Ravens didn't score on the drive.

Tania Ganguli from

Sorry, Shiloh, Ed Reed Will Play And Start


Reed will play Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens, the team with which he spent 11 seasons and went to nine Pro Bowls.

Tania Ganguli - ESPN

Mercilus is Confident in Himself, Rest of 2013 Defense


"I think I would be able to produce double-digit sacks and I’m pretty confident in myself. It’s just a matter of putting in the work to get there.

"They can’t just focus on one person if we have edge pressure. It’s going to free up J.J. It’s going to free up Cush. It’s going to free up me, (OLB) Brooks (Reed), Antonio when he gets back, and it’s just you can’t just game plan for one guy. As soon as we get that pressure on the outside, guys on the inside are going to come free. Get the pressure on the inside, guys on the outside are going to come free."

From Tania Ganguli's article on ESPN

The Beer Equivalent to the Texans is...?


Houston Texans: Saint Arnold's Fancy Lawnmower

The Cowboys represent stereotypical Texas: oil, money, power, big cars, ten gallon hats, watery beer, and ... well, cowboys. The Texans are the South By Southwest/Austin City Limits version of Texas: younger, hipper, and always on the verge of breaking big but never quite doing it.

The Saint Arnold's brewery is the oldest craft brewery in Texas, dating way back to 1994. Fancy Lawnmower was born in 2000, just before the Texans. A beer with too much body or character would overwhelm Gary Kubiak's offense, but Fancy Lawnmower is light and crisp, with no I'M A MICROBREW DAMNIT punch in the taste buds. Come to think of it, Fancy Lawnmower would be a pretty good name for Kubiak's zone-stretch offense, which may explain why the team has trouble achieving high speeds in the postseason.

Read the full article here from Sports On Earth

Backup QB is settled


"We’ll go into the season starting with T.J. as our ‘two,’" Kubiak said while adding, "It doesn’t mean we’re set for the season, but that’s the way we’ll start. I couldn’t have made a wrong decision. They both played so well."

Head Coach Gary Kubiak via

JJ Watt was on the premiere of The League tonight!


He was freaking amazing as you would expect... Is there anything he doesn't do?

FXX Wednesday nights 9:30 PST

Is Jared Allen serious??!?!


"I have a problem when we talk about player safety in this league, and we have a clear case of a guy trying to hurt a guy, and we do nothing about it. We pat them on the back and say it's OK." -- Jared Allen

Adrian Peterson Answers Questions From Reddit Fans


vamsi93 : Had the Vikings not drafted you in 2007, which team would you have preferred to go to? "the_adrian_peterson : texans!"

I'm sure you guys aren't too mad though. Foster's a beast in his own right. : ) From
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