Video: Have you got Fitzmagic in you?


Hey guys, ever since you made JP Losman look like an NFL QB I have had a soft soft for y'all. Especially hope that you can one day be Texas' team vs the Cowboys.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know Fitzpatrick is a gamer and you're going to have a lot of excitement this year - for better or for worse. Here's a pump-up video that conveyed how much fun us Bills fans had with it. Here's to your Fitz-Johnson connection being as good as ours was.

[Ed. note: It's so bad that it's kinda good.]

Fox Sports Talking Heads Talk Texans


Can someone tell me what the hell Donovan McNabb was rambling about exactly? Was there a coherent point made at all? He starts his soliloquy at 3:40.

I did like what Randy Moss had to say about Bill O'Brien and Andre Johnson, though.

Video of UDFA LT #76 Bryan Witzmann


The music is cheesy, so mute it. Witzmann's team in blue jerseys.

Caliendo's "Gruden QB Camp" parody. OMGZ it's dead-on!


I can't stop smiling. What a great impression of QB Camp and Gruden himself.

Brandon Weeden, QB Dallas Cowboys


In case you missed the signing and need to feel better about the Texans' slow offseason. Have fun with this guy, Cowboys fans!

Video: J.J. Watt Dominating A Half Ton Tire

From J.J. Watt's Instagram.

J.J. Watt has the mental and physical strength to lift and shove a 1000 pound rubber tire while Sara Bareilles shrieks in the background. Well done, Watt.

Battle Red Onion: J.J. Watt Is Good At Everything


This week on BRO, we find J.J. on some kind of slickened surface pushing what appears to be a remote control around with a disfigured garden tool.

Sources tell BROthat this activity is known colloquially among Wisconsinites as push-puck or ice stick invader men. We'll monitor this new hobby as necessary.

Next week on BRO: We catch up with Jared Crick and his continuing quest to finish his taxes. What role will Form 990-W play?

Someone Talk Me Off The Ledge, I Miss Case Keenum Already


I wanted to believe. So badly.

I still want to believe!

Keenum 2014! grapevine: Houston Texans plan to hire new coach by Tuesday


The video is short and gives a good recap of the info on the hunt for a new Texans HC. The following quotation is a good summary of the Dec 29th update UPDATE: Rapoport reported Sunday on NFL Network's "NFL GameDay First" that the Texans will interview Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt, per sources informed of their process. Houston has strong interest in him, per Rapoport, and Whisenhunt could be the final candidate interviewed.

Video: Andre vs. Cortland


Never forget... NEVER.

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