General BRB Idiocy

The Texans-Falcons Rivalry Is Stronger Than Ever


Here's a quick rundown on the NFL's most intense and historic rivalry.

Joe Marciano Lands New NFL Gig


Joe Marciano, like the Phoenix, rises from the ashes of 2-14.

#StaySuckaFree T-Shirts


Shoutout to John Burke II for coming up with this and posting it on Twitter.

This is a pretty good idea for a T-shirt, but here's a much better one for a much better cause.

Ryan Fitzpatrick or Zach Galifianakis? You Decide


I think... uh... actually, I'm stumped..

All credit goes to Capt. Ron for the picture.

FF Invite to all BRBer's


We have eight teams good to go for our third season of FF. But I want more. We started three seasons ago with sixteen teams. So I would like another eight team owners to join up. It's a keeper league, but it's pretty easy to get competitive. In fact, I kept the most players last season and came last. I

The Onion Takes Aim At The Houston Texans


It was only a matter of time until "America's Finest News Source" turned its gaze on the league's worst team last year. Laughter hides the tears, folks.

The J.J. Watt Comic You've Been Waiting For!


They got his powers all wrong, though. No extendable bionic left arm? No burritos eaten? No frickin' laser beams? Stay tuned for movie rumors.

Tom Savage Confirmed For Pro Football Hall Of Fame


Despite not yet having played a single down of professional football, Tom Savage will be shoe-horned into the 2014 Class of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Find out why in this latest edition of...

Stephen Colbert Rips Jaguars To Shreds


Stephen Colbert does not mind kicking a football team when it's down... and as fans of another team in the AFC South, we thank him for it.

Foster Serenades Johnson Via Instagram


We all want Andre Johnson to be happy, return to the team and continue his potential Hall of Fame career, but Arian Foster took it a step further with a special plea in song form.


S.N.O.T.: 05/31/14


Have you hugged a puppy today? This and other hard-hitting questions in this week's Saturday Night Open Thread.


BRB's Photoshop Contest III: T.J. Yates

T.J. Yates apparently impressed himself enough to strike this strange pose, and it's the subject of our third-ever Photoshop contest.

Battle Red Blog Glossary (Third Edition)


You asked for it. Now here it is, with all the new terms and definitions you helped coin at Battle Red Blog over the last couple of years.

Duane Brown: Future Action Movie Star?


He's definitely got the right muscle to tattoo to gun size ratio. Picture via his twitter. In fact, I think this would make a pretty good third installment of our Photoshop contest.

Time to get some tickets to the gun show.

All You Care To Know About Ugly Texans Sweaters


It's May and that means Christmas is right around the corner. Woe to the Texans fan who doesn't have this hot item on his or her Christmas list.

Would You Buy?


I stumbled across this on a message board forum.

No disrespect meant to any Raiders fans who read this, but seeing Matt Schaub as the face of a marketing campaign in 2014 makes me chuckle. I suppose that you can only build with the blocks that came in the box.

Best of luck to Schaub (I'll be legitimately rooting for him) and the marketing interns who came up with this.

2014 NFL Draft: Fifth Round Open Thread


We're drafting more players today! Talk about it!

2014 NFL Draft: Nickname The Texans DEs


Let's have some Friday fun and give a name to the best duo since peanut butter and jelly.

2014 NFL Draft: Round 1 Recap


The Texans started the night by taking South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. Houston ended their night by going to bed with visions of Derek Carr staring them right in the face.

2014 NFL Draft: Open Thread 3.0

The 2014 NFL Draft rolls on and so do the Battle Red Blog open threads for night one. Join in!

Texans History: BRB Reacts To J.J. Watt Pick


"You have to be stupid, drunk or high, to pass up quinn and get watt. MORONS!!!! WE SUCK AGAIN!"

2014 BRB Mock Draft: The Seahawks Select...


Coming off of their first Super Bowl win, the Seahawks take their first step toward a repeat by making their pick in the 2014 Battle Red Blog Mock Draft. Who will be their selection?

2014 BRB Mock Draft: The 49ers Select...


Fresh off their third consecutive appearance in the NFC Championship Game, the San Francisco 49ers make their selection in the 2014 Battle Red Blog Mock Draft. Who's headed to the city by the Bay?

S.N.O.T.: 04/19/14 (It's Time To De-lurk, Lurkers)


Only 19 more days until the NFL Draft, as of this writing. Including this one, there are only three more S.N.O.T.s until then. I tend to use S.N.O.T.s as a measure of time (e.g., "I'll be in Vegas...

2014 NFL Draft: Mocking The Houston Texans


It's time for a full Houston Texans mock draft, BRB-style.

S.N.O.T.: 04/12/14


Enhance your evening with Battle Red Blog's sophisticated discourse over today's hottest topics. It's the semi-famous Saturday Night Open Thread.

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