Texans Name Ryan Fitzpatrick Starting QB


In a completely expected move, Bill O'Brien has appointed veteran journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick to be his signal caller of choice going into training camp.

Texans 2014 Minicamp: Day 1 Live Blog/Open Thread


Texans Minicamp is here! Follow every nugget of news that comes out of Bill O'Brien's dojo LIVE on BRB!

Texans Sign Will Yeatman To Two-Year Deal


After hosting free agent offensive tackle Will Yeatman for a visit last week, the Houston Texans agreed to terms with the free agent. What should Texans fans expect from the newest addition?

Andre Johnson Will Skip Mandatory Mini-Camp


After saying that he did not plan to attend mini-camp in his comments to the press last month, it appears that Andre Johnson will follow through on that pledge. Read the latest on his situation...

2014 Houston Texans OTAs: Quotes From Day 9


Quarterbacks coach George Godsey stepped up to the mic yesterday, and, naturally, spoke a lot about the four quarterbacks currently on the roster.

Andre Johnson Sighting!


Credit to @PatDStat for the screenshot.

Boy, this picture makes me feel some type of way... Equal parts resentment, sympathy, anger and sadness. Come home, 'Dre!

The San Antonio Spurs dominated the Miami Heat 107-86 last night, causing many fans to find the exit early. Unsure if Andre was among them.

Willie McGinest Attends Texans OTAs


The Houston Texans had a surprise visitor at OTAs today. Believe it or not, there's a Patriots connection to boot.

Stephen Colbert Rips Jaguars To Shreds


Stephen Colbert does not mind kicking a football team when it's down... and as fans of another team in the AFC South, we thank him for it.

The Texans Do Things The Right Way Again


The Texans may be playing for a new coach, but the organization shows they still get it when it comes to interacting with young fans. Read on for the story of Zachary Nettles.

Texans To Practice With Falcons And Broncos


The Texans won't just be hitting each other during training camp. They'll be hitting Matt Ryan and Peyton Manning, too. Okay, you're right. They won't. But they could, right?

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