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Oh, Snap! Raiders vs. Texans Snap Count Report


Here's how the Houston Texans deployed its roster during its franchise-worst eighth loss in a row. Jeff Tarpinian had an eventful game with his snaps, and are we seeing a rotation at left guard for...

Oh, Snap! Thanks For The Memories, Ed


The Houston Texans are sitting at an unlucky seven games in a row under the loss column and the depth on the roster isn't so deep anymore. Here's how the team deployed its players last Sunday...

Breaking: Case Keenum Played 100% Of Snaps At QB


The Houston Texans suffered yet another close loss last Sunday against the AFC South leading Indianapolis Colts. There's a good deal of hope emanating from the wreckage of that loss, however.

Oh, Snap! Week 7 Snap Count Report


Read on to see what roster adjustments Kubiak and Kompany might have made to help Case Keenum's first ever start in the NFL.

Oh, Snap! Rams vs. Texans Snap Counts


After a players-only meeting, an impromptu talking-to by the coach and three disappointing losses, here's how the Houston Texans deployed their roster in last Sunday's loss versus the St. Louis Rams.

Oh, Snap! Houston Texans Snap Count Report (Wk. 3)


The Houston Texans endured a 30-9 mind-numbing loss against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Let's take a look back and who contributed the most (and least) to this dismal effort. Was that too emo?

Oh, Snap! Titans v. Texans Snap Count Report


Hey, nerds! Get your spreadsheet fix and take a look at who played the most-- and least--in last week's game versus the Tennessee Titans.

Oh, Snap! Texans-Chargers Snap Count Report


Have a look-see at who contributed the most (and least) in last night's thrilling come-from-behind win for the Texans against the San Diego Chargers.

BRB University: Winning Football, Part II


Part two covering Gary Kubiak's winning ways derived from logistic regression.

Will Randy Bullock Cost The Texans Any Games?


A look at recent rookie kickers to douse expectations for Randy Bullock and his learning curve.


An Imaginary Road Trip With Arian Foster


An imaginary road trip with Texans RB Arian Foster proves that the man is far deeper than portrayed.

Houston Texans DVOA Trends: How Each Unit Fares


Battle Red Blog takes a look at the DVOA trends of the offense, defense, and special teams. What can we learn about the state of the Texans?

Who deserves blame for the officials lockout?


Even though the NFL officials lockout is over, let's take a look at the major items that got us here, and why the situation got as bad as it did.

A Look At The Lego Blocks Of Victory--Part 1: The Passing Game


A statistical look at what drove victory for the Texans in 2011.

NFL Draft 2012: Houston Texans Mock Draft V2.0 (Now With DeMeco Traded Picks Included!)


Battle Red Blog takes another crack at a full Texans 2012 mock draft.

The Study Of Parity Has Been Very Uneven


A look at parity in the NFL and how it compares to MLB.

NFL Mock Draft: First Shot At A Full Houston Texans Mock


Battle Red Blog's first official crack at a complete Houston Texans mock draft.

Houston Texans Draft Primer: West Coast Wide Receiver Love


A look at what Houston Texans fans should be looking for out of wide receiver prospects.

A Look At 2012 Free Agents For The Houston Texans


Which Texans are free agents as we move to the 2012 off-season?

A Look At Chris Myers And His Contract Negotations, Or How His Deal Won't Break Houston's Cap


A look at the market for Chris Myers, potential Texans free agent.

Number Theory: A Probability Guide to the Texans' Playoff Seed


The Texans are going to the playoffs. Yes, those Texans. And now you can find out what playoff seed the Texans could see without all those messy variables.

Does Foster's Fancy For Fumbling Forebode A Fruitless Future?


Are Arian Foster's recent fumbles cause for concern? In short, no.

NFL All-Time Winning Percentage: Houston Texans Making Progress


With each win, the Houston Texans are moving up the list of winning percentage in NFL history. On Sunday, they could pass another team.

NFL History 101: When Did Each Franchise First Make The Playoffs?


The Texans will make their first playoff appearance in their tenth year of existence. This led Battle Red Blog to wonder when other franchises first made the playoffs.

What About Schaub?


An analysis of Matt Schaub's quarterback play and what the Texans need from Matt Leinart.

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