Week 1 2013: Texans at Chargers - Saving The Best For Last

All things week one, for Monday Night Football's Houston/San Diego match-up.

Freddy's Letters: Previewing Chargers v. Texans


What does Freddy foresee as the Texans get ready to begin their season in San Diego tonight?

Texans-Chargers: TV, Radio, Streaming


Trying to figure out how to catch the Houston Texans and San Diego Chargers opening their 2013 regular season on Monday Night Football this evening? Here's how to do it.

Texans-Chargers Game-Watching


Our beloved Houston Texans open their 2013 regular season in San Diego on Monday Night Football. What are your plans for watching the game tonight?

The Texans Super Happy And Optimistic Preview


The season of predictions is nearly over, and seeing as none of those have any chance of being accurate, I decided to go with the one we'd all really like to see.

SNF Open Thread: New York v. Dallas


The first edition of Sunday Night Football for the 2013 season pits the Giants against the Cowboys in Arlington. Talk about what you see in Battle Red Blog's open thread for the occasion.

Open Game Day Thread II: No Texans, Yet We Watch


We're a few hours closer to your Houston Texans making their debut on Monday night. In the meantime, Battle Red Blog presents this open thread for you to talk about the two late afternoon games on...

Open Game Day Thread: No Texans; We Watch Anyway

The Texans don't play until 9:20 p.m. CDT Monday. To pass the time, we shall watch other NFL teams play their Week 1 games, and we will comment about these other teams in Battle Red Blog's first...

Countdown To Kickoff: First Sunday Of 2013


There's not a Texans game today, but there's still plenty of football to be watched. Chat about what's on your football-addled mind as we wait for the first Sunday of the 2013 NFL season to begin.

2013 AFC South Preview: Houston Texans


Matt finishes his imaginary tour around the AFC South in 2013 before the first weekend of regular season games starts. The last stop: Houston. Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it...

Inside Brian Cushing's New Contract


We now know a bit more about exactly how Brian Cushing's $55,643,000.00 contract extension is constructed. And it seems to be very, very good for the Texans.

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