Show and Tell at BRB


Barry's Weekly Untitled Feature - Week 16

Check out some nice, close-up pictures from Barry's trip to the home finale at Reliant Stadium.

Quit Teasing Us, Teddy!


Bridgewater was asked whether he thinks he is ready for the NFL.
"Of course I do," he said. "I feel that I’m ready, but I also feel that I’m not. It can go either way."

In what areas does he feel he can improve?
"Just the little things. For one, I can get bigger. I’m not as heavy as I was last year, but I can attribute that to my mouth surgery. ... If I was 10 pounds heavier I could have more zip on my throws."

- Teddy Bridgewater via the MIami Herald.

Did A.J. Bouye Pick Up $11k Dinner Tab For Fellow DBs?


From A.J. Bouye's Twitter feed. This is how you celebrate the holidays! Notice the $4,600 worth of Louis XIII, which amounts to 28 one-ounce shots according to Johnathan Joseph's Instagram account. Outrageous.

I saw this originally on SoTT and thought it was worth sharing.

The "smh" caption from the link is as telling as it is brief. I'm surprised that fellow rookie D.J. Swearinger wasn't forced to split it with him.

BRB On The Radio- Corzo Converses With Canadians


Did you know that there's a bastion of Texans fans in Edmonton Canada? I didn't, but the Warren Moon connection has held strong over the years, apparently.

I got a chance to speak with Kevin Lowe of TSN in Edmonton for a few minutes. We talked Schaub, Kubiak, Andre and losing. Have a listen.

I come in around the 15th minute mark.

Oh, Snap! Patriots vs. Texans Snap Count


10 losses in a row. Your Houston Texans continue their Bataan-style Death March toward the end of the season with another close loss... this time to the New England Patriots. Here's how the team...

Truth Stranger Than Fiction?

One Battle Red Bloggers imagines what goes on behind owner Bob McNair's closed doors. Well worth the read.


DTango's Mea Culpa

Sorry Kubiak... (but I still want you fired.)

BRB Interviews Dr. David Geier


In order to shed some light on Arian Foster's injury and subsequent surgery, Battle Red Blog's David Corzo interviewed Dr. David Geier, a sports orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist.

Lance Zierlein's Texans Rant


Not exactly as dramatic as Chad Dukes' epic Redskins rant a few years ago but it was every bit as poignant. Zierlein perfectly recaps the state of this franchise as it stands now and vents the frustration we all want to vent.

He also addresses Ben Tate's "fans are wishy-washy" comments.

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