Show and Tell at BRB

Case Keenum: Color Me Impressed


An interesting analysis of Keenum's play so far from a guy I trust. Matt is pretty well respected in the scouting community and this is probably the most unbiased and detailed analysis I have seen of Case yet

Report: Texans Brass Frustrated With Kubiak


Not sure who is considered the "brass" of the Texans if it's not just Bob McNair, but the reasons for the frustration echo some of my observations in my weekly Snap Count Reports.
According to the report, frustrations stem from there being no rotation at all along the defensive line or outside linebacker spots.
Willie Jefferson showed a ton of potential during the preseason but he was almost completely unused during the season. Jared Crick and Tim Jamison get next to no playing time behind J.J. Watt and Antonio Smith. This is somewhat understandable, but they're not machines... even god-kings like Watt can bleed and tire.
But is this lack of rotation on Kubiak or defensive coordinator Wade Phillips?
Either way, the 4-10 record going back to last season definitely IS on the head coach. Your thoughts?

Grantland Article Examines The Texans' Plight


About a week or so ago, I predicted this. And here it is. Grantland provides analysis of our signings, though there should be more analysis than just the signings of players. We have arrived, in a bad way. :(

One Texans Fan's Vision For 2014

Now that any hopes for this season are firmly extinguished, it's not too early to look ahead to 2014. If you were in charge, what would you do? Fire Kubiak or keep him? Cut Schaub? Trade Owen...

I Want To Believe...


I want to believe you're the answer, Case.
I want to believe that with the Titans and Colts losing, we still have a chance to turn this season around.
I want to believe you're the next Kurt Warner.
I want to believe!

Beer Bottle > Beer Can


Raise your hand if you're old enough to remember this gem. I'd pick the Beer Bottle over the Beer Can right now.

Blazin' Hot NFL Picks: Week 10


Catch an update on BRB's Unofficial Pick 'Em league and Survival league here! Can the Texans finally end their losing streak on the road against the Arizona Cardinals?


A Big Fan Needs A Little Help...

A Battle Red fan needs some help through a tough time.

Brandt: Keenum Fits Houston Perfectly


Interesting quote:

In September 2011, I went with Highland Park (Dallas) coach Randy Allen, who has worked with Keenum's father, to watch Keenum play against North Texas, and the youngster did something during pregame warmups that caught my attention.

While most quarterbacks start off throwing with the wind at their back, Keenum went the other way, throwing into the wind.

In that game, Keenum showed that, while he might not have Matthew Stafford-type arm strength, he is strong enough to get the ball 55 yards downfield.

Unnecessary Film Study: Still 'Dre


It's only unnecessary because I'm showing you things you already know, but the devil is in the details. Watching Andre Johnson play the game of football is something we should all cherish as fans,...

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