Show and Tell at BRB

J.J. Watt Looking To Break Press Conference Record

Check out Watt's short and sweet press conference from Wednesday afternoon. New world record?


Barry's Untitled Weekly Feature

What MDC did in life has certainly echoed through the BRB fanbase. Check out Barry's

Farrar: Houston's Offense Is Awfully Predictable

Many fans are blaming quarterback Matt Schaub for the majority of the team’s issues, and it’s true Schaub has been inconsistent at best. But when you talk to opposing defensive coordinators and players, it’s pretty clear they have Houston’s offensive code — and they’re cracking Gary Kubiak’s team wide open with it.

From Doug Farrar's article on

Worth a read, if only for discussion. What say you, readers?

From The Houston Texans Instagram...


When Watt speaks, we should listen...

Check out the full picture here

The Duality Of Fan

How does one person become a 49ers and Texans fan? It's easier than you think.

The Captain's Log: Week 4 - Seahawks v. Texans

Capt. Ron continues his weekly series giving his unique take on all things Texans, including a review of the heart breaker against the Seattle Seahawks.

GIF Request: Watt and Smith Dual Celebration


Sadly, the gif gurus of SBNation missed out on this epic moment. I don't want to bother Brett with this and I lack the capability to help myself (as with most things), so I turn to you, readers, to lend an assist.

This moment deserves to be enshrined in .gif format until the end of the Internet.

T.W.I.P. Week 4 - Seahawks v. Texans

After watching our beloved Houston Texans drop their second straight game, come in for some picture-oriented group therapy.

Kiper: Hopkins is top rookie through three weeks

Through three weeks, draft guru, and human brillo pad, Mel Kiper has named our very own DeAndre Hopkins as the best rookie of the young 2013 season.

Here's hoping he'll be the best rookie by the end of it, too.

1. DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Houston Texans "He has been a key entity on offense thus far, showcasing terrific hands and the ability to come through when the defense knows he's a likely target. He's playing like a five-year veteran, not a rookie with just three games under his belt. So far, he also has been the perfect complement to Andre Johnson, with 18 catches to Johnson's 25, and 26 targets to Johnson's 35.

"A couple of other things stick out to me. For one, Hopkins isn't just running in a straight line. He has shown a good diversity in his route running, and is showing some veteran chops. Secondly, he has exactly zero drops so far on 26 targets. When you add that up in the context of a position where it has been tough for rookies to deliver major impact year after year, you have the most impressive rookie to me so far."

Houston Texans Tweets: Deepi Sidhu's Twitter Spree

Deepi Sidhu, Integration Manager for the Texans, has been sending out some good information as the Texans prepare for their game against the Seahawks on Sunday. See what she has to say.

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