Show and Tell at BRB

Case Keenum Sets NFL Passer Rating Record Through Two Games


Officially, Keenum ended the game with a 10.3 YPA and 123.4 pass rating to, respectively, tie and break the records you see above. Picture is via Reddit. Discuss!

J.J. Watt Handing Out Halloween Candy


I suppose he hasn't yet boarded up his windows and built a fence around his house to keep back the flesh-hungry hoardes of mindless fans that seem to be attracted to him.

Found this via Reddit Texans.

Blazin' Hot NFL Picks - Week 9


The bye week is over and Battle Red Blog continues its weekly series of NFL picks. Catch an update on who's leading the Yahoo! Pick 'Em league and get your Survival league advice here...brought to...

Comparing Our Three-Headed Quarterback Situation


One reader sends in the fruit of his labors charting the throws that we've seen from each of our quarterbacks. Take a look at Schaub and Yates from the Rams game and Keenum from the Chiefs game.


The Last Boy Scout

One fan wonders if the premium on character concerns is perhaps a little too high. The Houston Texans sure could have used some running back depth in last Sunday's loss versus the Kansas City Chiefs.

It's been a tough season... here's a little pick-me-up


Thanks to Caradryan for posting this in the Comments.

I felt it needed some attention while we're neck-deep in a 2-5 season. This may or may not get deleted by Tim, so enjoy!

Breaking Battle Red Bad

Sometimes, reality and a reference to a mega-popular TV show emld so perfectly, you kick yourself for not having thought of it first. This is one of those times.

J.J. Watt Looking To Break Press Conference Record


Check out Watt's short and sweet press conference from Wednesday afternoon. New world record?


Barry's Untitled Weekly Feature

What MDC did in life has certainly echoed through the BRB fanbase. Check out Barry's

Farrar: Houston's Offense Is Awfully Predictable


Many fans are blaming quarterback Matt Schaub for the majority of the team’s issues, and it’s true Schaub has been inconsistent at best. But when you talk to opposing defensive coordinators and players, it’s pretty clear they have Houston’s offensive code — and they’re cracking Gary Kubiak’s team wide open with it.

From Doug Farrar's article on

Worth a read, if only for discussion. What say you, readers?

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