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Texans Training Camp: A Few Pics from 8-2-13

One Texans fan shares his pictures from Friday's Houston Texans Training Camp session.

2013 Houston Texans Training Camp: Day 8


Your Houston Texans are on the brink of completing their first full week of training camp in 2013, and fans can be there to watch it all this morning. Read and comment in Battle Red Blog's open...

Arian Foster To Return To Practice On Sunday?


Word out of Texans training camp this afternoon is that the Texans could welcome their All-World running back back to the field in as little as three days.

Battle Red Newswire: "You Gotta Have A Swagg Seed"


Prepare to read excerpts from an epic D.J. Swearinger Q&A, and just say a prayer of thanks that you don't have to suffer the same fate as Riley Cooper this season, every time he comes across the...

Texans Using Pistol Formation?


This is pretty interesting to think about. The Texans have been using this formation during training camp and Head Coach Gary Kubiak has noted it could be an option for the team to use in 2013.

Time to start reading up on the formation and imagining the possibilities!

And to be clear, the Pistol formation doesn't mean the read option will be used.

2013 Houston Texans Training Camp: Day 7


The 2013 edition of Houston Texans Training Camp rolls on with yet another practice session open to the public. Check out Battle Red Blog's open thread to see what Texans fans are seeing, hearing,...

Texans Training Camp: Notable Quotes From Day 6


Read what Gary Kubiak and a handful of Texans had to say after the sixth practice of 2013 Houston Texans Training Camp, including Joe Mays talking about how Texans fans on an unnamed blog allegedly...

2013 Houston Texans Training Camp: Day 6


The second day of open training camp for your Houston Texans is upon us. Tell us what you're seeing, thinking, and/or reading in Battle Red Blog's open thread for the occasion.

A Nice Rundown Of Training Camp Day 5


Willie Jefferson is lanky. Like ‘Dre is bigger than him. Kid is crazy quick. You can tell coaches have been working with him. His actual mechanics are decent, but you can tell he’s thinking about it.

Nuk beat JJo several times, even if the ball didn’t go his way. Nuk's first move fooled JJo a couple times and his first step out of a break is crazy quick.

Brooks got the better of JJ a few times. JJ let out an audible "KITTEN" one time.

DJ worked with 2nd team today. He’s bigger than I realized. Looks like a small LB. Danieal Manning watched DJ’s every snap. As soon as 2nd team came off, DJ was on Manning’s hip, listening.

Keenum is not consistent.

Martin looked really good. Solid route running, really good hands. Didn’t see any opportunity to see if he still has alligator arms.

Lemon had a great catch for a TD. Only time I noticed him today.


Attending Texans Training Camp? Got a story or analysis to share? FanPost it up!

Which Texan Was Waived To Make Room For Mays?


One unlucky soul was handed his walking papers to make room for Joe Mays. Who was waived?

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