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New Orleans Coach Breaks Down Super Bowl Plays


This isn't Broncos related but there are some great videos here. The New Orleans Head Coach, Sean, Payton, breaks down every offensive play run by the Saints in the XLIV Super Bowl. I found this on Chris Brown's http://smartfootball.com site and figured MHR readers would enjoy it.

Turner and Phillips Saved From the Coaching Guillotine


Norv Turner and Wade Phillips kept their jobs following their teams' playoff exits. Did they deserve their good fortune or can they consider themselves lucky?

Super Bowl Loser Curse


If there's any validity in the "Super Bowl Loser Curse" (which there's not, kind of like the 49ers' playoff hopes), apparently the wrong team won the last Super Bowl. ::sigh::

Aaron Ward on Toucher & Rich 2/4


Aaron Ward was on Toucher & Rich this morning talking about tonight's game, his Super Bowl bet with Adolfo, Flyers fans, and getting challenged to a street fight by a homeless guy.

Super Bowl Recap - All Apologies Edition


Super Bowl thoughts...

Yahoo Sports: The 10 best moments from NBC's Super Bowl XLIII pregame show


Best one, in my opinion, is #8: Matt Millen picking the Cardinals "barring turnovers", which is sort of like picking the Steelers provided "they score more points." Read the whole thing at: http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/blog/shutdown_corner/post/The-10-best-moments-from-NBC-s-Super-Bowl-XLIII-;_ylt=AoSmr3cLIJArFmPv2udQ6185nYcB?urn=nfl,138073

SBNation Super Bowl Party

Revenge of the Birds vs Behind the Steel Curtain If you're a 49ers fan, you know what's at stake. Go Cardinals! I'm praying alongside Kurt Warner for an Arizona trophy. MVP goes to Spiderman aka Larry Fitzgerald. Who you got? Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

David Anderson On The Super Bowl And QBs Wearing Gloves


David Anderson on the Super Bowl and quarterbacks wearing gloves.

Do we even care about the Superbowl?


Gauging Eagles fans' interest in this year's Superbowl.

Nitt Picks Is Officially Lame


Penn State's schedule is a joke, but I blame the Orange; more on Big Ten basketball and the quiet exit of one of Centre County's finest.

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