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Hair of the Dog: Now With Multiple Playoff Wins!


With the regular season over, the BRB crew brought their A-game for this playoff game. Unfortunately, that file was lost, so we put this together.

Hair of the Dog: AFC South Champs, Baby


Hair of the Dog: The Texans and Colts faced off for the division title, while the referees worked out their flag throwing technique in preparation for the post-season. Relive the magic!

Hair of the Dog: Swept Clean (Texans @ Titans)


The Texans defeated the Titans on Sunday and the BRB crew was there to discuss, comment, and make sarcastic remarks and bad jokes.

Hair of the Dog: A Second Helping of Football


The Texans made their best effort to give us all indigestion with their heartbreaking overtime performance. The BRB crew steps away from their families to provide an epic conversation.

Hair of the Dog: BRB Talks Texans-Jaguars


Hair of the Dog: Somehow the Texans set all sorts of offensive records in this game, and the BRB crew was there to comment. It's what we do.

Hair of the Dog: Recently Turned Over By Chicago


BRB's staff e-mails each other during the game. Read what they had to say.

Reviewing The Texans' Season To This Point


After rewatching five of the first seven games of the season, I share my observations on the Texans to this point.

Hair of the Dog: BRB Discusses Sunday's Game


The conversation between the BRB staff was far more compelling than the one between Deirdorf and Gumbell. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself.

Hair Of The Dog: A Post That Brice McCain Just Can't Keep His Hands Off Of (Texans @ Broncos)

If you own a house and have kids, you've undoubtedly had weekends like the one I just had. We started the weekend by doing some overdue housework on Saturday morning, ran a bunch of errands, and...

Andre Johnson "Almost Close To Full Speed"


Andre Johnson's feeling very good, going so far as to say he's almost at full speed. Still, should the Texans play him on Sunday, even if he's cleared?

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