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Arian Foster Wants To Be A Good Teammate


If you had any doubt, Texans running back Arian Foster is working hard on being a good teammate. He had some words for the media after returning to practice after a slight leg injury. They weren't...

Foster Healthy, Excited About O'Brien's Offense


Arian Foster, returning from back surgery, says he's back and pumped about playing in Bill O'Brien's offense. See what Foster has to say about how O'Brien has told him he'll be used in 2014.

Arian Foster Medically Cleared To Return To Action


Houston Texans running back Arian Foster announced that his doctor has given him clearance to return to action. With Ben Tate heading to the Browns, this qualifies as rather sizable news.

BRB Interviews Dr. David Geier


In order to shed some light on Arian Foster's injury and subsequent surgery, Battle Red Blog's David Corzo interviewed Dr. David Geier, a sports orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist.

Video: Arian Foster Returns To Practice


Arian Foster is off the PUP List and returned to Texans practice today. Don't believe it? Check out the video of Foster practicing today.

Should We Start Worrying About Arian Foster?


All that talk about Arian Foster potentially returning to the field tomorrow? Not gonna happen, says Gary Kubiak. When do Texans fans start legitimately worrying about their franchise running...

Update: No Heart Procedure For Arian Foster


Check back in five minutes to see if that's changed again.

Arian Foster Will Likely Have Heart Procedure


Arian Foster told NFL Network's Alex Flanagan that he'll likely be undergoing a minor heart procedure in the offseason.

Arian Foster, Brooks Reed Game-Time Decisions For Sunday's Game Against Miami? Read The Quotes

The news that Arian Foster and Brooks Reed are game-time decisions for Sunday's opener against the Dolphins is freaking people out. See what Gary Kubiak and Arian Foster had to say.

An Emotional Arian Foster Reacts To New Deal During Press Conference At Reliant Stadium


Arian Foster signs his new deal with the Texans, and then we went and made us all love him even more.

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