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Samsung Game Ball Of The Week: Brian Cushing


Who won Samsung's Game Ball of the Week for the Texans after the latest victory over the Jags?

James Harrison Allegedly Says Brian Cushing "Juiced Out Of His Mind"


James Harrison supposedly thinks Brian Cushing is on the juice. And?

Guess Who's Back?


Brian Cushing's return to the field won't fix this defense...but it won't hurt it either.

Deep Steel Blueprint: "Release The Kraken" Edition


Battle Red Blog puts the spotlight on Brian Cushing's return and how it will impact the Houston defense. Should Cushing rush the passer more?

Brian Cushing Isn't Just Sittin' Around...


Brian Cushing looks ready to get back on the field in his latest training video...

Prediction Revisited: The Starters For Your 2010 Houston Texans


Back in May, one of the BRBers wildly speculated who would start for the 2010 Houston Texans. How off was he?

Solomon: Where's The Evidence, Cushing?


I know many of us are sick of talking about the Cushing suspension, but regardless of your feelings, I think this is a fair question.

What To Do About The LB Situation?


Looking at the thin depth at the Texans LB position and a possible solution.

Three Months Later, Could Brian Cushing Really be Innocent?


Examining the possibility of Brian Cushing's innocence and the odds of his suspension being reduced or overturned.

McNair to Meet With NFL Commissioner to Have Cushing's Suspension Overturned


Per Mark Berman: NFL sources told FOX 26 Sports Houston Texans owner Bob McNair will meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Monday in New York concerning linebacker Brian Cushing's suspension for the use of performance-enhancing drugs. Sources told FOX 26 McNair's goal is to get the commissioner to eliminate or lessen the league's suspension which will cost the Texans linebacker the first four games of the regular season. League sources told FOX 26 McNair will present new evidence to the commissioner that he hopes will help Cushing's cause. Pretty unlikely, but interesting nonetheless. UPDATE: According to Peter King, the "new evidence" that Bob McNair is presenting the Commish with is something called "Overtrained Athlete Syndrome." Wow...I'm surprised Goddell even granted him a meeting if this is true... UPDATE 2: Anna Megan has some video from today's practice of Brian Cushing explaining the "syndrome."

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