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Darryl Sharpton Signs With Redskins


Linebacker Darryl Sharpton has added his name to the growing list of free agents that have been exported OUT of H-Town this week. For those keeping track, Mike Mohamed is now slated to be a...

Darryl Sharpton Visited Tennessee Yesterday


Is it possible the Texans' woefully thin linebacking corps could become even thinner? Darryl Sharpton won't be confused with Mike Singletary anytime soon, but should the Texans try to keep him?

Houston Texans To Sign Joe Mays?


Yes, the very same Joe Mays who took a chunk out of Matt Schaub's ear last year. It'd be like if Evander Holyfield signed Mike Tyson.

We're Counting On You, Darryl Sharpton


The oft-injured linebacker needs to put together a full season in order for the Texans to remain a well-oiled machine because the alternatives are very worrisome.

Darryl Sharpton: Not Ready


Don't expect Darryl Sharpton to return to the field anytime soon, if at all this season.

An Update On Darryl Sharpton's Recovery


With training camp 11 days away, Houston Texans ILB Darryl Sharpton provides an update to the recovery from his 2011 season-ending torn right quadriceps injury. Will he be ready to go on July 28th?

Texans Re-Sign Tim Dobbins, Continue Bolstering Depth At ILB


Tim Dobbins is staying in Houston. Big day for veteran ILBs and the Texans.

With Darryl Sharpton Out, DeMeco Ryans Has To Be DeMeco Ryans Again


Darryl Sharpton's season-ending injury means DeMeco Ryans has to buck the data and return to form after his Achilles injury immediately.

The Houston 26: Projecting The Starters


Battle Red Blog welcomes another Monday morning with another look at position battles. This week, the spotlight is on the starting roster for the Houston Texans.

Position Battle Recap - Week Two Edition


Battle Red Blog is back again to take a look at the biggest position battles for the Houston Texans. Halfway through the pre-season, things are finally starting to become clearer.

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