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Sarcasm Font: Dunta Robinson Has Poor Memory Apparently...


Somewhere, Eugene Wilson just fell out of his chair.

Dunta Robinson - Number 2 on most overpaid NFL player list


So our favorite safety is actually the most overpaid defensive player in the NFL. I think it is a real travesty that this punk is payed 5.5 million dollars a year to basically headhunt opposing teams best receivers

Dunta Robinson - Public Enemy #1


Dunta Robinson - Public Enemy #1

Dunta Robinson POSSIBLY Out For First Pre-Season Game

UPDATE: It appears DOL may have misheard his tape. It's a possibility that he'll miss the game, apparently. Our shiny new cornerback already has some damage. He's injured enough that he'll have to miss the first pre-season game against the Kansas City Chiefs, which likely opens up a lot of playing time for Chris Owens and Brent Grimes. Hat tip to the AJC's DOL for this one.

Changing The Game: Dunta Robinson To Atlanta


Dunta Robinson's a Falcon. Doesn't that change the game for the better in Houston?

How Dunta Robinson Got His Groove Back


Dunta Robinson recently gave an interview to a radio station in Atlanta. Things were said that may not rub Texans fans the right way.

Texans Free Agency Recap (Day One): Kevin Walter Stays Home


A quick look at the first day of free agency for the Houston Texans, a day that was highlighted by the return of Kevin Walter.

Adam Schefter: Dunta Robinson Signs Six-Year Deal With Atlanta


Best of luck in Atlanta, Dunta. Very interested to see what kind of money the Falcons ponied up to make this happen. Depending on the guaranteed dollars, Atlanta fans could come to rue the day this deal was signed. And that day could come awfully quickly.

Dunta Robinson not being franchised by Texans


Cornerback Dunta Robinson reportedly won't be franchised again by the Houston Texans and will be able to test the open market. With the Bears secondary in shambles (and anyone who says otherwise is crazy IMHO) I think he'd be a solid addition. Just don't ask him to play Free Safety.

Dunta Robinson Looks Like He Is Done In Houston


Dunta Robinson about to hit the Free Agent market?

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