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Josh Thomson press release on gay marriage, NAMBLA


UFC Lightweight Josh Thomson responds to the controversy his social media comments on gay marriage created.

Stephanie McMahon tweets in favour of gay marriage

Though we at Cageside Seats have been highly sceptical about the integrity of WWE's anti-bullying initiatives like Be A Star, Stephanie McMahon went a long way to dispel our concerns today by using...

Rashad Evans speaks out in favor of gay marriage


After signing his name to a brief being sent to the US Supreme Court, Evans explains his views on marriage equality.

GQ names Chris Kluwe and Brendon Ayanbadejo 'Honorary gays of the year'


GQ has named NFL Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe and Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo 'Honorary gays of the year' for making the NFL "this year's surprise hothouse of social...

Former NFL player Matt Willig on marriage, Catholicism & a gay teammate


Matt Willig appears in the NOH8 campaign Matt Willig wasn’t like the other folks roaming around the NOH8 campaign studio on a warm afternoon...

Baltimore Raven Matt Birk stars in anti-marriage video for Catholic Church


Baltimore Ravens center Matt Birk wrote an op-ed against same-sex marriage in Minnesota this week, and now he's appearing in an online video explaining more of why he believes same-sex couples do...

Chris Kluwe gets hate mail cartoon for his pro-gay marriage stance


Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is a hero to gays and lesbians and right-thinking Americans for his his unflinching and passionate support for same-sex marriage. He is working hard to defeat...

Minnesota Vikings' Chris Kluwe stands up for same-sex marriage, gay players in NFL


Kluwe doing the radio ad against the marriage amendment. Chris Kluwe, 30, is a punter entering his eighth year with the Minnesota Vikings....

Connor Barwin Talks Gay Rights


Joe and Connor Barwin “Embrace who people love and how they love,” the...

Ex-Seattle Seahawk Ken Hutcherson says gay marriage will lead to men marrying horses


Now that Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire signed a bill allowing for same-sex marriage in the state, the battle there turns to a referendum that opponents are trying to get on the November ballot....

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