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G.O.A.T.s: DeVier Posey Shows Progress


This week, Battle Red Blog is getting off of DeVier Posey (kinda) for showing progress while getting on the run defense in preparation for their showdown with All-Day Adrian Peterson.

How Many Texans Will We Get On?


Battle Red Blog dredges through a painful G.O.A.T.s to get on all of the Texans. No one avoids the blame.

Backup Bulls On Parade Step Up For The Texans


Another victory means another joyful edition of G.O.A.T.s, as Battle Red Blog is no longer worried about Arian Foster's pace and is handing out attaboys to the backup Bulls on Parade who stepped up.

GOATs: Settling For FGs & Managing The Roster


For the first time in G.O.A.T.s history, Battle Red Blog is getting on and off the same person for their actions in Thursday's tenth Texans victory.

Houston Finds A New Way To Win, Johnson Shines


For the Week 11 edition of G.O.A.T.s, Battle Red Blog is getting people off the 'old man' Johnson talk and getting on the notion of 'finding ways to win.'

Week 9 GOATs: Hooray for Badgers & The Other Guys!


This week, Battle Red Blog is getting on the developing Wisconsin-to-Houston pipeline and getting off those other front seven defenders. It's a positive 7-1 vibe this week.

Is This The Start Of The 2012 Barwinning Tour?


We get on the confounding case of false start penalties while Connor Barwin lets off some frustration of his own.

Don't Make Aaron Rodgers Angry


Fans should not get too dismayed at an All-Pro quarterback putting his team on his back, but the Texans could have used a Red Bull or two.

Houston Raises McCain But Loses Play-Action Passes


This week, Battle Red Blog gets off Brice McCain but gets on the case of the disappearing play-action passes.

2012 Week One G.O.A.T.s: Overdosin' On First Downs & Not-So-Special Teams Play

Battle Red Blog takes a look at which Texans deserve a little more praise and a little more criticism after their week one performance against the Miami Dolphins.

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