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Hair Of The Dog: And So It Ends (Texans v. Titans)


Time to breathe again. The Texans' season is over. We can now look forward to a brighter future. BFD told me so.

Hair of the Dog: Teddy!!!!


The Texans take one step closer to the #1 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft with another Texans-ish performance. Read what the BRB staff thought in real time during the Texans' loss to the Broncos...

Hair Of The Dog: Flag On The Field


The only thing the Texans did right on Sunday was find their way to the stadium, and that's the one thing we wish they hadn't accomplished.

Hair Of The Dog: Keeping To The Script


The BRB crew is running out of insightful things to say, so we just blab for about an hour. Ok, fine. We ran out of stuff to say months ago. Whatever. We still have posts to write.

Hair Of The Dog: Happy Tanksgiving (HOU v. NE)


The Texans played one of their best games of the season against the Patriots yesterday, but it wasn't enough to keep the team out of the loss column for the tenth week in a row.

Hair Of The Dog: Bringing Up The Rear


I originally wasn't on board with the idea that this was the worst season in Texans history. That changed on Sunday, when the Texans lost to the Jaguars.

Hair of the Dog: We Suck Again!!!


Unofficially, I have never put more "kittens" in a HotD post than I did today. Check out what the BRB staff had to say during the Texans' loss to the Raiders.

Hair of the Dog: Wash, Rinse, Repeat


The Texans treated their fans to another entertaining loss yesterday. The BRB crew is starting to run out of ways to describe the recurring carnage, but we give it our best shot in another Hair of...

Hair Of The Dog: No Woman, No Bye


So, apparently there's still football today. Who knew? Follow the BRB crew as we stumble through a Sunday of non-Texans football and make the "we can't lose!" joke.

Hair of the Dog: Now Pick-Six Free


The third-string quarterback is starting. The star running back and star linebacker get hurt with Cushing now out for the year. This storybook season brought to you by Stephen King.

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