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Hall Of Fame Game (Cardinals v. Saints): Open Thread

Even though the Houston Texans aren't playing, you can still enjoy watching the Hall of Fame Game to kick off the 2012 NFL preseason.

Saints vs. Cardinals to Open Preseason in Pro Football Hall of Fame Game


The National Football League announced today that the Arizona Cardinals and the New Orleans Saints will kick off the preseason on Sunday August 5, in the 2012 Pro Football Hall of Fame Game in...

Cowboys - Bengals will play in Hall of Fame Game


The Dallas Cowboys will face the Cincinnati Bengals at the 2010 NFL Hall of Fame Game

Hall of Fame Game Open Thread


It's not the regular season. It's not the Vikings. It's not even the NFC. But, by God, it's NFL football, and we should be happy to have it. If you feel like discussing the game, do it right here!

Tony Dungy very happy with HoF Game; Colts return to camp


The Colts return to camp today, and when they do they'll likely see a smile on the face of their head coach. Why? Because despite the final score of the Hall of Fame game Sunday, Tony Dungy was...

Colts/Redskins recap: So Jim Zorn coaches quarterbacks?


Let's get this out of the way: Your Head Coach wins his game-calling debut 30-16 and his quarterbacks play out of their minds, the hyperbole will run wild. So that I don't have to keep reminding...

Recap: Hall of Fame Game, Colts 16-Redskins 30


You'll find that much of this recap borrows from bamock's excellent recap diary. Despite losing the game because the 3rd and 4th string defense made Colt Brennan look like Joe Montana, I actually...

Hall of Fame Game: Colts 16-Redskins 30


Pre-season is underway with the Hall of Fame game in the books. I agree with John Madden (who is normally a buffoon): This was actually a well played game by both teams. Tip your hat to Jim Zorn...

Colts Training Camp 2008: Morning walk through (sans Patriots video equipment)


This morning, the Colts are walking through their game plan for the Redskins, the team they will face in Sunday's Hall of Fame game.  It's funny, but whenever I see "walk through" related to an NFL...

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