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2013 Texans: A Series Of Unfortunate Events


The 2013 season has been the worst Texans' season of all time and has simply been a work of fiction.

Which Texan Has Been The Best In 2013?


Silver lining, ahoy! In a dismal 2-5 season for the Houston Texans thus far, which player has stood out as the best this year?

Week 6 Review (Rams v. Texans): R.I.P., Schaubiak


Houston is now 2-4 after a 38-13 loss to the Rams and now we are all left wondering, "Where do we go from here?". One intrepid BRBer reviews the Texans' latest embarrassing loss.

Heroes & Goats: Back-To-Back Losses Are Rough


I'll save you the suspense. There are no heroes when you blow a 17-point lead at home. Spoiler alert: I'll bring up the 17-point lead at home thing a lot, too.

Texans Week 3 Hero & Goat: Disappointment Abounds


I'm tempted to just list the entire roster and coaching staff under goats, but someone had to play well in Houston's week 3 loss to Baltimore, right?

Texans Week 2 Hero & Goat: Keep It Simple, Stupid


C'mon now. You KNEW I had to go this way. See who the hero and the opposite of hero was in the Texans' rousing comeback win over the Titans in Week 2.

Texans Hero & Goat For MNF's Furious Comeback


After a stunning 31-28 victory on Monday Night Football, there's a Texan to cheer and a Texan to jeer.

Texans Roster Cuts: Texans' 53-Man Roster Set


Thanks to Mark Berman, we know now the final seven moves the Texans made to get down to 53 players before today's 5 p.m. CDT deadline. Check out the latest on the Texans' roster cuts and see who...

Final Projection For Texans' 53-Man Roster


We've been tilting at windmills for weeks about how the Texans' first 53-man roster for the 2013 regular season will look. Now that the preseason's in the books, here's one fan's guess. Memorialize...

Where Are The 2013 Houston Texans Strongest?


With the 2013 preseason beginning, what do you think is the Houston Texans' greatest positional strength?

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