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Titans 16, Texans 10: Week 17 Post-Game Recap


The tank is done and the Teddy Bridgewater experience is on the horizon. Thank goodness this is over.

Colts 25, Texans 3: Post-Game Reaction


The Houston Texans lost their twelfth game of the season, their twelfth game in a row, and their twelfth game straight in Indianapolis. All in all, a truly banner day.

The Captain's Log, Game Ten: "Occam's Razor"


Capt. Ron checks in with his thoughts on the Texans' loss to the Raiders, and takes stock of a team well into free fall this season.

Post Game Recap: Texans Lose To Cardinals


Another close game. Another Texans loss. This time, it was 27-24 to the Cardinals. Sigh.

Texans-Colts Recap: Houston Loses 6th Straight


You waited all day for Sunday night. Turns out you waited for a heartbreaking loss as the Houston Texans fell to 2-6 after losing 27-24 to the Indianapolis Colts on NBC's Sunday Night Football.

PGB: Texans Lose To Rams, And An Era Likely Ends


Tim from Battle Red Blog brings back an old feature to opine on what happened at Reliant Stadium today when the Texans lost to the Rams and examines what it means for the organization going forward.

Hair of the Dog: Numb


There comes a point in every man's life when he reaches a crossroads. A time when he must decide whether to take the road less traveled. Let's hope that Matt Schaub takes that road and that he gets...

Hair Of The Dog: Party Like It's 2008 (SEA v. HOU)


This game felt like one of those old timey Texans games when no matter the score, you just had that feeling that the Texans were on the verge of doing something stupid.

Hair Of The Dog: Flagged For Disgust


If you've ever gotten all excited to go to a really nice restaurant only to get food poisoning and embarrass yourself by puking all over the waiter, then you probably know what it felt like to...

Texans Week 2 Review: Gray Hair, Here I Come


One Texans fan reviews Houston's wild and hair-raising win over the Titans in Week Two of the 2013 season. What do we know about the Texans after two weeks?

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