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Bob McNair Speaks: On Manziel And Watt's Contract


The owner of the Houston Texans shed some light on the Texans' decision to pass on Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel with the first pick of the 2014 NFL Draft and the organization's thinking on J.J....

NFP: Mock Negotiation With Watt's Agent (Part II)


The second part of the National Football Post's mock negotiation with J.J. Watt's agent has been released. It's very well done and could open up a whole new arena in Mock technology. Check out some...

2014 Texans Free Agency: One Tweet Says It All


Looking for a summary of what the Houston Texans have done through two plus days of free agency? Battle Red Blog has you covered.

Texans Release Owen Daniels


Longtime Texan Owen Daniels is the latest cap casualty. Does this mean Garrett Graham is expected to ink a new deal soon?

Texans Release Brice McCain


The Texans got off to an early start by releasing the former 6th round draft pick from 2009.

2014 NFL Salary Cap Will Be $133 Million Per Team


After weeks of speculation, the NFL announced the 2014 salary cap that'll be in effect for each of its teams. Read on to see how much higher it could go in future seasons.

2014 NFL Salary Cap: Closer To $135 Million/Team?


After last week's report that the salary cap for each NFL team could be $130,000,000.00, PFT reports that a source is saying the cap could be substantially higher than that, and even more in the...

2014 Texans Offseason: If I Was Rick Smith


Matt Weston unveils his 2014 offseason plan if he had the opportunity to run the Houston Texans this summer.

Report: 2014 NFL Salary Cap Will Be $130 Mil/Team


With word that NFL teams will have more salary cap room to work with than initially thought, what does it mean for the Houston Texans this offseason?

Texans Salary Cap 2014: The Next Five...


Corzo is analyzing the salary cap situation for the Houston Texans entering the 2014 season, continuing with the next five biggest hits.

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