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Grantland: Why The Texans Could Bounce Back In '14


If you're looking for some reasons to believe why the Houston Texans could make some noise in 2014 after 2013's 2-14 nightmare fuel, Grantland has something you should read.

The Texans Super Happy And Optimistic Preview


The season of predictions is nearly over, and seeing as none of those have any chance of being accurate, I decided to go with the one we'd all really like to see.

2013 AFC South Preview: Houston Texans


Matt finishes his imaginary tour around the AFC South in 2013 before the first weekend of regular season games starts. The last stop: Houston. Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it...

Texans 2013 Season Preview: Q&A With SB Nation


SB Nation posed nine questions to each of its NFL blogs. See how Battle Red Blog answered those questions about the Houston Texans in this post.

Weeks 11 & 13 Preview: Jaguars vs Texans


The end is in sight! The Texans will square off against the Jacksonville Jaguars twice in three weeks. Join us for a little intradivisional discussion, yes?

Week 10 Preview: Raiders @ Texans


It's time for payback time in this mid season match up against the Oakland Raiders. Al Davis can't die twice, can he?

Week 9 Preview: Texans @ Cardinals


The preview train keeps chugging along during the hot hotness of the hot Summer. Come for the baseless assumptions; stay for the Comments debate.

Week 7 Preview: Texans @ Chiefs


The Chiefs host the Texans in raucous Arrowhead Stadium. Will quarterback guru Andy Reid continue the revitalization of Alex Smith's career? Not if the Texans have anything to say about it.

Week 6 Preview: Rams @ Texans


After running a three-week gauntlet, the Houston Texans begin the "easy" part of the schedule, starting off with the St. Louis Rams in Reliant Stadium. Come get a look at Jeff Fisher's new team.

Week 3 Preview: Texans @ Ravens

Corzo takes a look at the early season showdown between the Texans and the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens. The Texans dominated the Ravens in 2012; can they do it again?

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