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BRB on SportsRadio 610 - Today at 2:30 PM CT


Brett joins Patrick Creighton on 610 to talk all things Texans as Houston prepares to kick off the 2013 season.

Texans Using Pistol Formation?


This is pretty interesting to think about. The Texans have been using this formation during training camp and Head Coach Gary Kubiak has noted it could be an option for the team to use in 2013.

Time to start reading up on the formation and imagining the possibilities!

And to be clear, the Pistol formation doesn't mean the read option will be used.

Undrafted Rookie OLB vs All Pro LT


Imagine you're a small-schooled, undrafted rookie linebacker. You're young and eager to prove yourself. Now imagine lining up across a 300+ pound, All Pro, monster-of-a-man Left Tackle. Ah, the joys of training camp!

Meet Danieal Manning and James Casey in Austin


Pretty sweet deal. My friend gave me the heads up on this event. Some of the Texans Cheerleaders will be there as well. Thought it'd be cool to go to before the Pre-BRBPALOOZA Event in Austin!

The Houston Texans: Primed to be a Top Contender in 2012


A comprehensive preview of the Texans' off-season outlook.

Will Kasey Studdard Be The Texans' First IR Stash Of The Season?


From Gary Kubiak's post-game press conference: "...Kasey (Studdard) did have surgery on Friday, yesterday. I talked to him after surgery. He’s doing well. Matter fact I think he actually came home this evening. I’ll find out when I leave here. Actually Kasey’s gonna, it looks like he will not play this year. I don’t know. We’ll see, but he did have surgery and he’s well on his way to recovery." If Studdard does get stashed then a door of opportunity opens for Shelley Smith and the rest of the young guards. UPDATE: Per CBSSports Rapid Reports, Houston will decide Studdard's fate on Monday.

Houston Texans To Continue Tailgate Guest Ticket Policy


You know something? I'm kind of getting tired of talking about Schroedinger's Lockout and making myself crazy with which free agents we'll be able to sign once the season begins. I do not feel like parroting on about lockout talks stalling out because Roger Goodell couldn't attend negotiations due to a particularly painful bunion on his big toe. So instead, here's an article by Alan Burge of the Examiner on an issue that will have a far more profound impact on all of us: tailgating.

PFW: Texans Will Attempt To Resign Vonta Leach, Jacoby Jones


The news from Pro Football Weekly isn't much of a shock, but it looks like the Texans will attempt to retain their two key free agents on the offensive side of the ball. Whether they'll receive more lucrative offers from other teams is another story altogether. A little throwaway line at the end also foreshadows the uphill battle Trindon Holliday could face to make the team if there is a preseason and training camp. I'm going to place my bet on practice squad at best.

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