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Texans Helping Texans


Spurred on by Chris' generous offer here, I'm giving this the front page treatment. A word of warning: This is football-related in only the most tangential sense. For those of us on the Gulf...

Reliant Stadium Should Be Open For Business


File this under "Good News We Desperately Needed," folks: Reliant Stadium should be ready to host a full slate of home games this season, beginning when Indianapolis comes to town on the first...

Post-Game Breakdown: The Houston Texans Make Me Sick


I'd love to sit here and tell you that your Houston Texans are "the best 0-2 team you'll ever see." Really, I would. But I can't, because they're not. The numbers don't lie. Since the 2008...

Silver Linings


When the Texans' original schedule was released, most of us in the fan base were ecstatic with the placement of our bye week (Week 8).  But unfortunately for us,  Hurricane Ike had different...

Will The Texans Be Fired Up?


With all the havock that Hurricane Ike wrecked on our fair city, a lot of people are a little frazzled.  The Texans stayed home with their families through the storm.  Now, the Texans are taking...

Texans Stay Classy


The Texans have always been a high-character organization.  So when Hurricane Ike blew threw town, Texans players opted to stay with their families and loved ones rather than leave town to play the...


Texans/Ravens Game Postponed!

It was reported today that Reliant Stadium sustained significant damage to its roof due to Hurricane Ike and it will not be able to host Monday night's Texans-Ravens game. Both teams are talking to...

Texans Notes: Screw You, Ike!


As SOLIS relayed yesterday, your Houston Texans won't be playing on Sunday. If Reliant Stadium hadn't already been scheduled to pop its MNF cherry against Jacksonville in December, I'd make some...

Texans Game Postponed!


As reported at HoustonTexans.com, the game between the Houston Texans and the Baltimore Ravens has been moved to Monday, 7:30 pm CST. This move was made to give all those along the gulf coast a...

Turning the Page


In the face of an impending hurricane, the Texans carried on with this week's practices with one thing on their minds - preparing for the Baltimore Ravens.  With last Sunday's debacle in rear view...

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