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Browns, Raiders, Jets Interested In Matt Schaub?


Matt Schaub is universally expected to hit the open market some time in the next couple weeks, and a few desperate teams around the league are already lining up.

Report: Browns hire Kyle Shanahan as OC


Don't blink. In what might be the strangest offseason the Cleveland Browns have had since expansion, you could miss a candidate come and go. Then come back again. The team will hire Kyle Shanahan...

Watson joins Texas staff, but OC still undecided


The Texas Longhorns have yet to find a wide receivers coach and determine who will call the plays after the Sunday addition of Shawn Watson to the staff.

Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond


Some NFL pundits are calling this a bad season because of the unknown nature surrounding so many games. The word "parity" has never been more fitting, but I love it. This has been a fun, albeit a...


Stats You Deserve to Know

Here are some stats that coaches and analysts love to keep track of. Pat Kirwin, with over 40 years NFL experience preaches understanding of these numbers. A good offense will find a balance...


Classic Kyle

Listening to Kyle reminds me so much of Robert's and Alfred's interviews: down to earth, sincere and straight-forward, no pretense, no conceit. Nothing is a big deal to them. Yet, somehow it's a h...


"The East Coast Offense" - Packaged Plays, Unpredictability and Poise

John Madden: “He (RG3) has a tendency to freeze the defense. If he fakes inside, you don’t want to collapse, because he may keep it and run outside. And when he runs outside, he may run or...


Poll: Expectations for the New QB's Turnovers

We're Redskins fans. Admittedly, every off-season we get a little ahead of ourselves. We're optimists. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's a good thing. We're acquiring a "franchise" quarterback,...

Kyle and Mike Shanahan Discuss McNabb


A friend showed me this and it cracked me up way too much to keep to myself. Hope you guys get a kick out of it.

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