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More Talk Of Bridgewater Falling To Second Round


The chorus of analysts who believe Teddy Bridgewater will not be picked in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft is growing. See who the latest to speak up is, and see what Texans fans think about...

Will Texans Draft Mack Instead Of Clowney?


Two days before the draft, the idea of the Houston Texans taking Khalil Mack with the first pick of the 2014 NFL Draft is picking up steam. Read on to learn what's being said about the Texans...

2014 NFL Mock Draft: Bridgewater To Texans, More


The latest iteration from Mocking The Draft says the Houston Texans will take the best QB available. Read on to see who they have the Texans taking in the second and third round.

2013 NFL Draft: Lance Zierlein's Top 50 Prospects


You might be surprised. In fact, I virtually guarantee you'll be surprised.

Dwight Jones Called "A Turd Who Doesn't Have The Work Ethic To Make It In The League"


Texans fans were, by and large, ecstatic about the UDFA signing of Dwight Jones. Lance Zierlein reminds us that we should temper those expectations.

Lance Zierlein: Two-Round NFL Mock Draft (03/27/12)


Click here for LZ's explanation of why he mocked who he mocked to your Houston Texans in the first round.

The Sideline View (Lance Zierlein): NFL Mock Draft (02/07/12)


This one's a two-round mock and, once again, you'll see your Houston Texans spending their first round pick on a player that will surprise you.



Show Topics: Texans Breakdown w/ Lance Zierlein Why I no Longer will Gripe about Offensive Line Why Injuries to Scott and Legursky don't matter? Why Inconsistent is the Way to Describe the Steelers? Why the Steelers must RUN the ball to beat the Texans? Why the TEXANS will WIN?

Lance Zierlein's "Sources" Say The Lockout Should Be Lifted By July


I've seen things like this a few places around the web now, including a couple on Yahoo sports. I'm not holding my breath, but I will go ahead and cross my fingers. How 'bout you?

The Z Report: Lance's Thoughts On Each 2011 Texans Draft Pick


I meant to get this posted weeks ago and totally failed to do it. Thankfully, the complete lack of player movement since the draft has served to keep four-week old draft analysis newsworthy.

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