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The Fall Of Teddy Bridgewater


Teddy Bridgewater has gone from possible option for the Texans at 1.1 to a second round selection. Matt Weston of Battle Red Blog tells us the real truth why this has occurred.

Mike Mayock: "Texans Should Trade Down"


Summary of Mike Mayock's interview on NFL Network, including his thoughts on the Texans' prospects and what they should do.

Mayock: Teddy Bridgewater Not A First Round Pick?


Mike Mayock has revised his rankings for the 2014 NFL Draft. To say his outlook on Teddy Bridgewater's prospects as an NFL QB have cooled a bit is a gross understatement. Read on for the how and...

McShay's Latest Mock Draft Throws Texans Curveball


ESPN NFL Draft expert Todd McShay has released his latest two round mock draft, and this one’s a doozy. See who the Texans end up with below.

2014 NFL Draft: Mike Mayock Updates His Rankings


The NFL Network's Mike Mayock has updated his positional rankings for the 2014 NFL Draft, and it would seem that he thinks pro days are important. See who he's got where on Battle Red Blog.

2014 NFL Draft: Mike Mayock's Position Rankings


Mike Mayock ranks Aaron Donald as the #1 defensive tackle in the 2014 NFL Draft. See who else he has where.

2014 NFL Draft: Mike Mayock Talks Texans, Manziel


NFL Draft guru Mike Mayock hosted an extremely insightful Q&A with the media yesterday. See what he had to say below about the Houston Texans.

2014 NFL Draft: Mayock Has Bridgewater As Top QB


Vaunted draft analyst and talent evaluator Mike Mayock has released his first iteration of position rankings. Where do some BRB favorites fall? Read on and find out.

2013 NFL Draft: Mike Mayocks's Top 5 By Position


Prepare for the NFL Combine by reading what perhaps the preeminent draft guru thinks about potential Texans by position.

Mike Mayock Talks 2013 NFL Draft With Rich Eisen


Please, Durga. Just once let Gus Johnson and Mike Mayock do a game together.

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