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In The Spirit Of The Season, I Will Not Write A Scathing Analysis Of The Texans' Loss To Indianapolis


Want to talk about the Texans' horrible loss to the Colts last week? I don't.

Three And Out: Useless Predictions For Texans-Colts


Dying to see predictions about Thursday Night Football's clash of the titans this evening? A Texans fan weighs in before Texans-Colts at Lucas Oil tonight.

Dan Orlovsky On What Went Wrong With Him In Houston


Dan Orlovsky with some illuminating and refreshing words on why he didn't work out as a QB in Houston.

Texans Re-Sign Matt Leinart To Two-Year Deal


Houston Texans Re-Sign Matt Leinart To Two-Year Deal.

The Great Unknowns: Texans Backup QB Edition


The Great Unknowns: Texans Backup QB Edition. Which backup QBs should the Texans keep on the roster?


2011 Texans Draft Profile: Taylor (T.J.) Yates

Taking a look at the Texans' second selection of the 5th round, T.J. Yates

Texans Work Out Nine Players...None of Them Are LBs


According to the National Football Post, the Texans are looking to add some LB help in place of the injured DeMeco Ryans. So, nine players worked out for the team today. The only hitch is that none of them were LBs. Nope, five running backs (Javarris Williams, Alphonso Smith, Clifton Smith, Chris Jennings and Louis Rankin), Two quarterbacks (Tom Brandstater and Jonathan Crompton) and lastly....wait for it...two tight ends (Rob Myers and Derek Schouman)! It would appear the team has lost all faith in Steve Slaton, so that explains the running backs. Kubiak keeps talking about how Matt Leinart is "pushing" Dan Orlovsky for the backup job, so the quarterbacks make some sense if Dan is about to get released. But more tight ends? Seriously?

Dan Orlovsky Agrees To Restructure Contract


Per Pancakes: Orlovsky's new deal calls for him to make a base salary of $850,000 — a reduction from $2.25 million. He can make up the difference by earning $25,000 for every game he's the No. 2 quarterback. He also can earn $100,000 for every game he's the starting quarterback — a maximum of 10 games and $1 million. In 2011, Orlovsky was scheduled to earn $2.75 mllion. Instead, he will receive a base salary of $1.375 million. I would imagine that Orlousy was told to either take a pay cut or hit the road.

Matt Leinart Is A Houston Texan; I Am Confused


Matt Leinart's a member of the Houston Texans. What am I missing?

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