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Who Should The Texans Take In The Second Round?


Enough of all this first round jibber-jabber. Who should the Texans take with the first pick of the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft?

Who Will Be The Next Head Coach Of The Texans?


Bob McNair gave us some clues about what he's looking for in Gary Kubiak's successor. What candidates would appear to fit the mold?

Would You Fire Gary Kubiak Today?


The Houston Texans have lost nine straight and are the worst team in the NFL. If you were Bob McNair, would you relieve Gary Kubiak of his coaching duties today? Or wait until the end of the season?

CONSPIRACY THEORY: Ed Reed, Then Andre Johnson?


By all accounts, Andre Johnson is a very good friend of Ed Reed's. 'Dre was a driving force behind Reed signing with the Texans. Could the team's decision to dump Ed Reed portend Andre Johnson's...

Which Cardinal Would Texans Fans Want Most?


Your Houston Texans take on the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. Which Cardinals player would you take right now and put on the Texans?

The Kevin Sumlin Era: Envisioning The Future


Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin has become one of the hottest coaching names in football. Is he the right choice to take an underperforming Texans team to the next level?

Which Texan Has Been The Best In 2013?


Silver lining, ahoy! In a dismal 2-5 season for the Houston Texans thus far, which player has stood out as the best this year?

Predicting The Texans' Record At The Bye


With the Houston Texans getting back to work and the second half of the season looming, what's your best guess as to what the team's record will be at the end of the 2013 regular season?

We Know Who's The Texans' Best. Who's Second Best?


In 2013, reasonable minds cannot debate who the Texans' best player has been over the course of the franchise history. They can, however, argue about who is the runner-up to the title.

Will Ed Reed Play In Baltimore On Sunday?


Ed Reed signed with the Houston Texans to play safety. Ed Reed has yet to play safety for the Houston Texans. Does that change this weekend when the Texans travel to Ed's old stomping ground in...

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