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Colts 25, Texans 3: Post-Game Reaction


The Houston Texans lost their twelfth game of the season, their twelfth game in a row, and their twelfth game straight in Indianapolis. All in all, a truly banner day.

Post-Game Breakdown: Texans Lose To Broncos In Typically Absurd Fashion


Another week, another Texans loss. We can't even be surprised at the creative ways Houston found to choke against the Broncos in Denver.

Post-Game Breakdown: Titans Smoke Texans


The Titans smoked the Texans. Tim from Battle Red Blog runs down the latest brick in the wall.

Post-Game Breakdown: Texans Stage Improbable Comeback, Then Fail In Totally Probable Fashion On Monday Night Football


A 21 point comeback, only to lose in OT on a pick-six? Crazy for any team. Normal for the Houston Texans. A look back at the Texans' loss to the Ravens on Monday Night Football.

Post-Game Thread: That's So Texans -- Ravens 34, Texans 28


Sigh. Texans lose to Ravens in heartbreaking fashion. Again.

Post-Game Breakdown: Texans Fall To Eagles To Drop To 5-7...Again


You'll never believe this, but the Texans are 5-7. Again. These post-game breakdowns are getting repetitive.

Post-Game Breakdown: Texans Stink, Mount Impressive Comeback, Yet Still Lose Game In Heartbreaking Fashion To Jets


The latest look at how the Texans managed to lose in soul-crushing fashion, this time to the Jets in New Jersey.

Post-Game Breakdown: Another Dumbfounding Chapter In Texans Fandom Is Written As Good Guys Fall To Jaguars


The Texans wrote the latest chapter in the ongoing tragic novel that is their history against the Jags on Sunday. Battle Red Blog takes a look at the syntax.

Post-Game Breakdown: Texans Fall To Chargers And Return To .500


Believe it or not, the Houston Texans are .500. Let's take a look at specifics from the loss to San Diego on Sunday.

Post-Game Breakdown: Colts Easily Handle Texans On Monday Night Football


A detailed look at the Texans' loss to the Colts on Monday Night Football, complete with a look forward at what Sunday's game versus the Chargers could mean to the Texans and Gary Kubiak.

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