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Rapids Blank 'Caps 2-0 in Denver


In a tight match that saw Vancouver's attacking prowess blunted by uncharacteristic signs of poor play, it was ultimately the Colorado Rapids who took the game thanks to a Deshorn Brown header and...

Toronto FC v Galaxy report. Ugh.


A terrible first half and a flattering final result are the end result as an undermanned and out of position TFC took on the Galaxy. One game closer to the end.

Road Woahs: The Ten Most Shocking Things from SJ v. Seattle


10. Well, to start things off, 4-0... Did anyone see that coming? Seattle has not been the best team on the road this year, but to lose by that wide of a margin, to the worst team in the West,...

Lazio 2 - Juventus 3: No Time To Nap, There's Much To Be Done


Despite being as talented as any goalkeeper who has come before him, El Grande Gigi unfortunately had no time for beauty sleep in the game against Lazio last Saturday. Coming fresh off of a...

Lazio vs Juventus: Preview, Plus Post-Game Post-Mortems


So, how have you been? It's nice to be writing again. What have you been up too? How's the backhand? We haven't spoken in a while... I know I know it's all my fault. I've been a terrible blogger as...

Bruce Boudreau licking his chops


Has anyone else noticed, that after wins particularly, during post game interviews Bruce is always licking his chops and smacking his lips. You can hear it, very annoying. I know that he is probably craving some Häagen-Dazs but it is public speaking 101 not to chew gum and do stuff like that. Either way, great win, Go Caps!

Coyotes 3 Canucks 1


A late false boarding call and a lack of grit seals Canucks' fate

Tennessee Volunteers Fall to Florida Gators, 31-17


The Tennessee Volunteers made an entire game of it this week against the Florida Gators, but still lost 31-17. Here's who impressed and who depressed for the Big Orange.

Nebraska Beats Idaho 38-17 But No One Ends Up Happy


The Nebraska Cornhuskers defeated the Idaho Vandals 38-17, playing exceptional defense, but sloppy enough on offense that no one in Husker Nation will be happy withe performance.

Consistency please???


Original post date: Thursday, October 18, 2007So I WAS going to give you guys another Hidden Gem, but I decided to go with a recap instead. Mostly because I won't have access to a TV in a couple of...

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