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PFW: Brandon Harris Didn't Play Because Of A "Lack Of Speed?"


Texans fans were confused by the lack of action for Brandon Harris last year. PFW suggests a reason for that reality.

PFW: Texans Will Attempt To Resign Vonta Leach, Jacoby Jones


The news from Pro Football Weekly isn't much of a shock, but it looks like the Texans will attempt to retain their two key free agents on the offensive side of the ball. Whether they'll receive more lucrative offers from other teams is another story altogether. A little throwaway line at the end also foreshadows the uphill battle Trindon Holliday could face to make the team if there is a preseason and training camp. I'm going to place my bet on practice squad at best.

DAN HAMPTON - Pro Football Weekly - Major @$$


Someone shared this on Facebook, but I didn't see it here...Shame on you Dan Hampton!!!!!!!

Golden Nuggets: Bleacher Report anybody?


Golden Nuggets: 49ers links for 5/14

PFW News And Notes On Houston Texans Draft Prospects


Who are the 2009 NFL draft prospects for the Houston Texans and what is their status. Find out via Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly.

Yahoo Team Fantasy Rankings: #30 - 49ers


Yahoo has been compiling a variety of lists discussing everything from the 11 coolest helmets in pro football history to nnon-football athletes who would excel in the NFL.  The one of interest ot...

It's Preview Magazine Time: Pro Football Weekly


Aside from OTAs and a short minicamp, May, June and much of July are pretty quiet on the football front.  I'm guessing that's why the various publications put out their annual NFL Preview issues. ...

Freeney doing exceedingly well, expected back 100%


We fans simply cannot trust injury reports anymore. It's like those dumb red, orange, and yellow terrorists alerts we got bombarded with in 2004. However, despite the grain of salt one must take...

Arizona Cardinals: Poised to Soar or Massively Disappoint in 2008?


Depending on which NFL season preview magazine you pick up or website site you read, you could see the Birds from the desert projected to be as good as 10-6 (Pro Football Weekly), maybe even 11-5,...

Gonzo Reads Magazines - Pro Football Weekly NFL Preview


Well, it's the last day of May, and you know what that means.  Obviously, it means that the first NFL preview issues of the season are hitting a newsstand near you!  Honestly, I keep joking about...

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