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The Definitive Case Keenum Highlight Reel

Because I love these videos and there's not much else to talk about, let's take a look at the entirety of Case Keenum's highlights.

Comparing Our Three-Headed Quarterback Situation


One reader sends in the fruit of his labors charting the throws that we've seen from each of our quarterbacks. Take a look at Schaub and Yates from the Rams game and Keenum from the Chiefs game.

This Week In Dumpster Fires (Also Pictures, Stats)


The Houston Texans suffered one of their most lopsided defeats in franchise history last night. Console yourself with some beautiful action shots from anyone but Matt Schaub.

A Quarterback Controversy at Nebraska? No.


There shouldn't be a quarterback controversy at Nebraska. It isn't stopping some people from trying to make one happen anyway. Bottom line is that the only question regarding Nebraska's quarterback...

Jon Hays is the guy ... for now


Jon Hays has earned his shot to prove he can lead Utah to a bowl bid. However, an 0-2 road swing might change the dynamics of the quarterback situation.

Golden Nugz - 09.17.12

Lots of Gophers links, we heart John L Smith, & Utah/BYU amuse us almost as much as the BADgers.

Is there a quarterback controversy brewing?

Is Travis Wilson creating a bit of a quarterback controversy?

Texas Bringing Bo Wallace in for a Visit


According to Jason Suchomel at Orangebloods.com, JUCO QB and NJCAA National Player of the Year Bo Wallace will be visiting Texas in the near future and the Longhorns are moving straight to the top...

Utes not interested in Dayne Crist


Utah appears to have little interest in former Notre Dame quarterback Dayne Crist.

Diagnosing the Problem: Third Down and Out?


A quarterbacks job is to manage the game, get the offense into the right plays and to pick up third downs to keep drives alive. That is nearly straight from our own horse's mouth - John Elway.

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