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This Week in the Red Zone, Or How Anime Can Put This Game Into Perspective: Carolina Panthers vs. Houston Texans


This week as we look at the red zone, we make a desperate attempt to connect football to Japanese anime. We also hope for help from Miami and Buffalo in order to get a first round bye.

This Week in the Red Zone, or Ladies and Gentlemen, Your 2011 AFC South Champion Houston Texans vs. Cincinnati Bengals


This week, the red zone takes a back seat as we muse about how the Texans earned their first division title. We also review how the Texans scored on "The March."

This Week in the Red Zone, or I Hope You Don't Mind, But I Have No Intention of Facing This Sober


This week, the red zone wonders how many injuries can one team pile up before it runs out of people to play. Also, the red zone looks at how the Texans performed with one of those injuries (Matt...

This Week in the Red Zone, or Can We Please Start the Playoffs Now?


The Texans possess the best record in the AFC going into their bye week. Yes, you read that correctly. Also, red zone statistics.

This Week in the Red Zone, or, Whoa There, Mullet-Fluffer!! Los Angeles Jaguars of Jacksonville v. Houston Texans


This week in the red zone, we look at omens, ugly games, and the comedic running styles of Matt Schaub. There's also analysis and stuff about the red zone and an interesting trend in Texans'...

This Week in the Red Zone, or, Notes on a Curb-Stomping: Houston Texans v. Southern Kentucky Titans


This week in the Red Zone Review, the Texans took on the Tennessee Titans with hilarious results. Well...hilarious for Houston anyway. I can't imagine too many Titans fans laughing.

This Week in the Red Zone, or The Greatest Work of Fiction Since Frank Bush's Playbook. Houston Texans v. Baltimore Ravens


This week's review of the Texans' red zone performance is probably one of the strangest I've had to do. Want to know why? You'll just have to click to find out, won't you?

The Red Zone Review, or, A Tale of Misery and Woe. Oakland Raiders vs. Houston Texans


A (very) brief look at how the Texans fared in the red zone today against the Raiders. Now let us never speak of this game, again.

Your Week Two Red Zone Review of Epic Comcastiness: Houston Texans v. Miami Dolphins


The Houston Texans were in the red zone five times against the Dolphins. Here's a breakdown of what happened in those instances.

BRB's Comcastic Red Zone Review: Houston v. Arizona


Because you were just dying to revisit last week's visit to Arizona, weren't you? Trips to Red Zone: 5 Scores in Red Zone: 3 (3 TD, including an actual Chris Brown 1-yard TD run!) Red Zone...

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