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Texans Sign Second Round Pick Xavier Su'a-Filo


The signing of guard Xavier Su'a-Filo caps off a rare busy news day for football in June. After over a month of waiting, Rick Smith has at long last signed the entire Texans rookie draft class.

7th-Round Pick Captain Munnerlyn Signed


4 years, $1.81 million, $60K signing bonus (guaranteed) This is right about on the other contracts signed around him. The first guy before him whose details have been released--Ra'Shon Harris, DT, #205 in the late 6th--was 3/$1.185 (395K annual to Munnerlyn's 425K, but hits free agency earlier)/$64K (21.3K annual to Munnerlyn's 15K.) The first guy after with details--Curtis Taylor, S, #219 also in the early 7th--was 4/$1.75 mil/$59.88K.

Duane Brown Is No Travis Johnson


I hope with every fiber of my being that the title of this post works on countless levels, but Texans fans can rest assured that it works on at least one--our first-round pick won't miss a snap of...

Tennessee Titans Camp Opens Today!!


Today is a day that most of us have been waiting for since the final seconds ticked off the clock in the playoff loss at San Diego.  The Titans will be on the field for their first training camp...

Five Down, Two To Go: Antwaun Molden and Steve Slaton Sign


We're not out of the woods yet, but we're getting closer, as two (2) more rookies inked deals with your Houston Texans. Now that Antwaun Molden and Super Steve Slaton have joined Xavier Adibi, A...

Xavier Adibi Agrees To Terms With Texans; I Quietly Sob With Joy


Apologies for the silence around these parts for the last week; you can chalk it up to a complete lack of Texans news, coupled with a busy non-blogging existence for yours truly. Thanks to those...

Roger Goodell To Rookies: Your Salaries Are Crazy


I've noted in this space how insane I think rookie contracts are. You get a guy like Matt Ryan who has never actually played at the NFL level signing a contract so huge and unwieldy that he can't...

And The Last Shall Be...Second? Alex Brink Signs!


Courtesy of Megan Manfull, we learn that Alex Brink has signed a contract with your Houston Texans, meaning that the last two picks of the Texans' 2008 class are the first to agree to terms. ...

Dominique Barber First Rookie To Sign


Since he'll only be pulling sixth-round money, I imagine Dominique will still let his big brother pick up the tab at dinner. Still, it's a good sign that D-Barb will be at training camp on time so...

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