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Texans Sign Shayne Graham


Even rookie kickers have to earn a place on the Texans...because Shayne Graham says so.

Kris Brown Is Now A Member Of The San Diego Chargers


I'm actually pretty surprised it took him this long to find work. What's more, it could only be a one-week gig, if Nate Kaeding gets healthy. Still...the nightmare of Kris Brown kicking a game-winning FG against your Houston Texans is back in play. The Chargers visit Reliant on November 7th. UPDATE: Just saw that Barry got a FanShot up before I did. Check his out too, as it's complete with frustrated Kris Brown photo.

Kris Brown, The Last Original Texan, Is A Texan No More


If Pancakes latest tweet is to be believed. Texans are keeping kicker Neil rackers over kris brown, who was the last original Texan. UPDATE: Rivers has added his story on it over on SBN Houston.

Kris Brown, Steve Slaton In Walking Boots Yesterday


Kris Brown and Steve Slaton in walking boots yesterday. When oh when will they be in running boots?

Does Anyone Really Think Neil Rackers Is Going To Win The Kicking Gig?


Is the vaunted competition between Kris Brown and Neil Rackers for the Texans' kicking job over? Did it ever really start?

Position Battle Preview - Week One


Battle Red Blog sets you up with a preview of key position battles to keep an eye on during Saturday's preseason opener.

The People (And Neil Rackers) vs. Kris Brown Started Today

Per Scurfield: The Texans’ kicking competition between Kris Brown and Neil Rackers began today in front of the team. Brown: 5-of-6. Rackers: 6-of-6. Brown’s miss was close, hooked just left and maybe a bit short from 43 yards. Texans coach Gary Kubiak was impressed w/ both kickers today. I figured this deserved its own discussion area until a new open thread is created as it is a topic of much concern. UPDATE: Here is some more from Scurfield: Kickers Kris Brown and Neil Rackers began competing in front of the entire team for the first time in training camp. They took turns kicking two field goals from 27 yards, 37 yards and 43 yards. Brown was 5-of-6, while Rackers went 6-of-6. Brown’s lone miss came on his second 43-yard attempt, which he hooked just left, but both kickers hit the ball solidly on each kick. I'll have plenty more to write about about this soon.

A Different Take: The Kicking Competition


A different look at the Houston kicking battle after a month of team activities.

Neil Rackers: A Look At The New Guy


Neil Rackers! Kris Brown! Showdown! Yeah, I'd pass too unless I was a diehard fan.

BREAKING NEWS: Texans Sign Neil Rackers


Adam Schefter's reporting that the Texans agreed to a two-year contract with K Neil Rackers. DreKeem of Battle Red Blog gives his thoughts on the addition.

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