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CONSPIRACY THEORY: Ed Reed, Then Andre Johnson?


By all accounts, Andre Johnson is a very good friend of Ed Reed's. 'Dre was a driving force behind Reed signing with the Texans. Could the team's decision to dump Ed Reed portend Andre Johnson's...

11-13, UTEP Downs The Hurricane 64-55


Julian Washburn. Enough Said.

The U Just Got Yahoo! Sportsed


Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports details the life of booster Nevin Shapiro and his quest to become the most rampant abuser of NCAA guidelines in college sports history. Barry Switzer is blushing....

Jailhouse Confessions About The U


Nevin Shapiro, described as "an ardent, devoted, intense supporter,'' of the University of Miami, also happened to run a $900 Million ponzi scheme. Shapiro, who is in jail after pleading to money...

Hall/Skywalker = Frost/Nixon


There is much to respect about EDSBS founder Spencer Hall: his sensible worldview, his rapier wit, the manic energy that burns off of him like heat waves off of asphalt, and his abiding respect for...

The U: 30 for 30


So I watched the 30 for 30 documentary The U. It was great on so many levels. I enjoyed it far too much, though I am admittedly an easy mark. Play a 80s rap track track over a tunnel brawl and...

Seventh Floor article on UM's roster departures.


Not much insight, but it does show the roster and how much UM is losing. They will need a ton of guys to make huge strides for them.

The NCAA Enforcement Committee Will Need To Get Creative With Miami


With the sport of college football teetering on the brink, the NCAA enforcement committee will have to get creative when it comes to doling out punishment to the University of Miami.

Texans Training Camp Roundup: They All Got Through In One Piece (except for a few campers who are lepers).


Camp Roundup. Sifting the closed-practice dirt, looking for nuggets of news. Houston Texans training camp for 08/11/11.

"The U"- Flashbacks to Sportsmanship Hell


I have enjoyed all the installments of the ESPN "30 for 30" series but the latest episode titled "The U" was my favorite thus far. It originally aired on Saturday night and has aired as a repeat...

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