Week 5 2013: Texans at 49ers - No Pick-Sixes, No Pick-Sixes, No Pick-Sixes, STOP!

BRB's articles concerning the Texans' Week Five matchup against the 49ers in San Francisco.

Week 5 Preview: Texans v. 49ers


Get ready for tonight's Week 5 match up by reading Battle Red Blog's preview of the SNF game between the Texans and 49ers.

Open Game Day Thread: Early Afternoon Games


With the Texans playing the Niners on the main stage that is Sunday Night Football later tonight, we've got a day of games to watch before the one that really matters takes place. Here's Battle Red...

Week Five Infographic: Texans vs. 49ers


When a man is backed into a corner, what will he do besides delete his Twitter account? Here's the vital information about Texans-49ers you've been waiting for.

How To Watch Texans-49ers


Trying to figure out how to catch the Houston Texans and the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday Night Football? Here's how to do it.

Useless Predictions For Texans-49ers


A week after a truly wretched loss to the Seahawks in Houston, the Texans must face the 49ers in San Francisco on Sunday Night Football. One Texans fan gives his thoughts on what awaits the Texans...

The Quarter Pole NFL Power Rankings: Part 1


Hate the weekly power rankings, but love lists? Read Battle Red Blog's quarter season NFL Power Rankings.

BRB Open Thread: College Football (10/05/13)


Talk about the day's college football games in Battle Red Blog's Saturday open thread.

Matt Schaub Was Not Traded To Cleveland


The voice of the Houston Texans, Marc Vandermeer, allegedly tweeted that Matt Schaub was traded to Cleveland. His account was hacked, and Matt Schaub is still Houston's QB.

Pre-Game Recon: Five Questions With Niners Nation


Niners Nation and Battle Red Blog collaborate once again by answering a few questions about the 49ers that are on every Texans fan's mind before Sunday Night Football.

Farrar: Houston's Offense Is Awfully Predictable


Many fans are blaming quarterback Matt Schaub for the majority of the team’s issues, and it’s true Schaub has been inconsistent at best. But when you talk to opposing defensive coordinators and players, it’s pretty clear they have Houston’s offensive code — and they’re cracking Gary Kubiak’s team wide open with it.

From Doug Farrar's article on SI.com.

Worth a read, if only for discussion. What say you, readers?

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