McAfee To Clowney: "Please, Don't Hurt Me"


Colts punter Pat McAfee has a segment on NFL Network and he didn't take too kindly to Jadeveon Clowney's goal of sacking Andrew Luck.

Fox Sports Talking Heads Talk Texans


Can someone tell me what the hell Donovan McNabb was rambling about exactly? Was there a coherent point made at all? He starts his soliloquy at 3:40.

I did like what Randy Moss had to say about Bill O'Brien and Andre Johnson, though.


Remember The Rosencopter

Tania Ganguli named the infamous Rosencopter incident as a nominee for the most memorable play in franchise history. Shake out the cobwebs and relive this woeful day.


Video: McGinest Reports From Texans OTAs

The former Patriot had some good things to say about Jadeveon Clowney. See his report to NFL Network here.

Stephen Colbert Rips Jaguars To Shreds


Stephen Colbert does not mind kicking a football team when it's down... and as fans of another team in the AFC South, we thank him for it.


Fantasy Football: Arian And Andre's Draft Stock?

It's never too soon to talk fantasy football.


The Definitive Case Keenum Highlight Reel

Because I love these videos and there's not much else to talk about, let's take a look at the entirety of Case Keenum's highlights.

Enjoy Some Of Andre Johnson's Highlights

No one knows what will happen with Andre Johnson holding out of upcoming training camps and possibly retiring, but what we can do is look back and enjoy some of the finer moments of his career.


Andre Johnson's UM Hall of Fame Acceptance Speech

Andre Johnson was inducted into the Miami Hurricanes Hall of Fame last week, and his acceptance speech was published over the weekend. Check it out here and trying to picture him doing this again...

Brandon Weeden, QB Dallas Cowboys


In case you missed the signing and need to feel better about the Texans' slow offseason. Have fun with this guy, Cowboys fans!


Video: J.J. Watt Dominating A Half Ton Tire

From J.J. Watt's Instagram.

J.J. Watt has the mental and physical strength to lift and shove a 1000 pound rubber tire while Sara Bareilles shrieks in the background. Well done, Watt.

Someone Talk Me Off The Ledge, I Miss Case Keenum Already


I wanted to believe. So badly.

I still want to believe!

Keenum 2014!


Arian Foster Likes Making Commercials Too

Foster had a busy offseason in front of quite a few cameras. Have a look at his latest work for "Madden 25."

Lance Z: Outside Zone Run Breaks Down


This video is a couple of weeks old but it highlights perfectly some of the troubles the Texans had in running the ball in 2012. Derek Newton and Wade "PRO BOWL" Smith were the main culprits in this video.

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