Week 11 2013: Raiders at Texans - I'm Not Even Mad; Going For Eight Losses In A Row Is Amazing

All of BRB's week content for the Texans' Week 11 game against the Oakland Raiders.

Open Game Day Thread: Texans v. Raiders

It's an NFL game featuring Case Keenum and Matt McGloin starting at QB for their respective teams. There's so. so much to say. Say it in Battle Red Blog's open game thread for Texans-Raiders.

Texans v. Raiders: Week 11 Inactives


Seriously, if you can't make the roster of the Texans @ Raiders, and you're not injured, it might be time to start thinking of a new profession.

Countdown To Kickoff: Texans v. Raiders


As we wait for the Texans and Raiders to take the field at Reliant Stadium this afternoon, stop by Battle Red Blog's "Countdown To Kickoff" thread to add your two cents about the game.

Week Eleven Infographic: Texans vs. Raiders


This week we highlight the matchup between the Houston Texans and the Oakland Raiders while telling the story of Case Keenum, archaeologist.

How To Watch Texans-Raiders


Trying to figure out how to catch the Houston Texans and the Oakland Raiders game this afternoon? Here's how to do it.

Useless Predictions For Texans-Raiders


The "three" in "Three And Out" works on multiple levels. It's one more than the number of wins the 2013 Houston Texans currently have. Will that still be the case after the Texans host the Raiders...

Pre-Game Recon: Five Questions With S&BP


Battle Red Blog has questions about the Raiders, and Levi Damien of Silver And Black Pride has answers. Check out the Q&A before tomorrow's Texans-Raiders game.

Pryor Out, McGloin In At QB vs. Texans


I was a bit eager to watch Pryor play but at least we might not get gashed with scrambles again.

BRB Open Thread: College Football (11/16/13)


Talk about the day's college football games in Battle Red Blog's Saturday open thread.

Just How Hot Is Gary Kubiak's Seat?


With Ian Rapoport's news about the front office coming out, we put on our tinfoil hats and read between the lines to divine the fate of Gary Kubiak.

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