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Another Joint Effort By BRB And DGDB&D

The first one was good for a ton of laughs, the breweries of the United States of America, and a crippling sinus infection for those of us with a weak immune system, so let's roll out the barrels again.  For anyone looking to quaff a few steins and/or discuss our Houston Texans, here are the details:

WHAT:  Symposium on Texans Football
WHAT THAT REALLY MEANS:  The idiots behind BRB and DGDB&D are going to have some drinks and talk about the Texans or whatever else comes up.
WHEN:  Saturday, October 20, 2007
TIME:  TBD.  8 p.m.?  9 p.m.?
WHERE:  TBD.  Leave any suggestions in the Comments below or here.

More details as they become available...