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Three And Out: Useless Predictions For Sunday's Game

Gotta admit, I'm feeling considerably better about my prognosticating skills after last week's calls.  If I make it two (2) weeks in a row, I'm setting up a 1-900 number.  As is Thursday afternoon tradition here at BRB, three (3) things that are sure to happen on Sunday against the Jags:

  1.  The Schaub was brought to Houston to put forth the kind of game he's going to have at Alltel Stadium on October 14, 2007.  Against a formidable opponent that will make it awfully tough to run the ball with any consistency (and that's being kind if Ron "London Bridge" Dayne gets another start), Matt Schaub is going to be sensational.  When I say sensational, I mean 28-35 for 308 yards and 2 TDs.
  2.  No Andre Johnson again?  I won't say "no problem;" that'd be asinine.  But I will say "less of a problem."  The Pride of Niskayuna will continue his stellar play and pull in a TD catch of more than thirty (30) yards.  Because I'm feeling my oats right now, here's a bonus receiving prediction:  Owen Daniels notches his first TD of the season.
  3.  David Garrard has made Jack Del Rio look disturbingly wise thus far in the young season, but Garrard is going to throw a pick on Sunday.  Who'll it be to?  Not Dunta Robinson.  Watch for junior Gamecock Fred Bennett to grab his first career interception.
Given the swell of media attention he's generated this week, it wouldn't be right to conclude this edition of Three and Out without a special Travis Johnson vision.  So...

BONUS TR. JOHNSON VISION:  Upon arriving at the team hotel, Travis Johnson will find the most elderly person in the lobby and promptly scissor-kick him/her.  Then he'll run away.  Because he's learned his lesson about "standing over" people and "taunting."

PUT YOUR NAME ON IT:  Jacksonville is favored to win this game, and they should be.  After a horrific effort in Week One, they've looked like every bit of a playoff team.  But these are the Houston Texans, who, some might say, have a penchant for upsetting professional football teams that hail from eastern Florida cities that start with the letter "J."  I believe the trend will continue, albeit in a nailbiter:  Houston 24, Jacksonville 23.