Wildfire's effect on game?

Its getting more and more news coverage over the last few days, and now its affecting sports.  The California wildfires have forced a whole bunch of Chargers (and Padres) players to evacuate their homes.

The Chargers are moving their practices to Arizona's facilities, and Qualcomm's parking lots are being used as evacuation shelters.  If it continues, next week's Texans-Chargers game might be played at Arizona State University's Sun Devil Stadium.

Effect on the game: advantage Texans.  It's hard to look at the whole situation positively as a human, but from a purely football standpoint, I'd say the Texans have gained a small advantage in this ordeal.   The Chargers have been getting hot the last couple weeks, and now they have to deal with this.  The players' minds will be elsewhere this week, and they are being significantly taken out of their routine.   It may effect the momentum they've built as a team recently.  Anyone thinking along the same lines as I?  Or are we going to keep praying that Saint Rosenfels continues his Herculean 4th quarter effort from sunday for us to have a chance?

No matter, it's a difficult situation for the Chargers.  I wish the players the best and hope they and their families make it through this time safely.