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Sunday's Game To Be Moved From San Diego?

With raging fires seemingly enveloping all of San Diego County, it's looking like Sunday's game between the Texans and Chargers may be moved to Arizona and played on either Sunday or Monday night.  As BigTexBD noted, it remains to be seen how such a move, to say nothing of the obvious concern for their loved ones and homes, might affect the Chargers.  While I've long lamented the lack of primetime coverage for the Texans and am certainly eager for any competitive edge our floundering Texans can get, this isn't what I had in mind.  

Best wishes to all those affected by this disaster.

Update [2007-10-23 16:22:48 by Tim]:: John McClain is reporting that the Texans will learn tomorrow where the game is being played, with Monday night in Arizona being the most likely result.